In 1965, Villum Kann Rasmussen stated the Model Company Objective, which is still the cornerstone of our culture, work methods and focus on how to ensure good relations with the outside world.

In compliance with our Model Company Objective, and to ensure accessibility and transparency, it is a natural part of the foundations' governance strategies to determine and follow a whistleblowing policy.

A whistleblower system is a safe and anonymous opportunity for employees and other persons affiliated with VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN to “blow the whistle” if they experience or suspect irregularities or illegal actions related to the foundations.

What to report?

You can report on serious incidents and offences relating to the foundations' employees, committees and committee members, external reviewers and the foundations' Board of Directors.

The whistleblower system can be used solely to report on serious violations of laws, rules, policies, guidelines, etc. Less serious issues such as salary dissatisfaction, collaboration difficulties, rejection of applications, etc., cannot be reported through the whistleblower system.

Read more – and submit your report

Proceed to our external whistleblower web portal where you can read more about the system and how to submit a report:

Whistleblower portal

If you have any questions regarding our whistleblower system, please contact:

Henrik Jørgensen
Head of Administration, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
+45 20 55 19 16