VILLUM FONDEN wish to strengthen interdisciplinary research in Denmark with a initiative focusing on the interdisciplinary field of data driven science.

Compelling evidence shows that interdisciplinary research is markedly more effective at leading to ground-breaking results than monodisciplinary research. Digitalisation, artificial intelligence and big data calls for new collaborations that combine expertise within computer science with other research areas.

Who can apply?

The projects must involve two PIs (Principal Investigators), both of whom must hold tenure at a Danish university: One must be from computer science, statistics, or applied mathematics and the other must be from an application area that can be chosen broadly (health science research excepted). Only scientific staff at the postdoctoral level can be employed on the project.

As an applicant, you can only be a PI on one application. However, current Synergy grant holders have the option to apply for a new project based on the success of their current project when there are approx. 1 year remaining of their current grant period on an equal footing with the other applicants.

We announce the programme every year in open competition. 

How much?
You can apply for grants of up to DKK 4 million for initiation projects, e.g. for the start-up of new collaborations and grants of DKK 8-12 million. DKK, typically, but not necessarily for well-established collaborations that can benefit from a larger grant.

All grant amounts include up to 15% to cover indirect project costs.

Time frame
The time frame is up to three years for initiation project grants and three to five years for full project grants.

Approval of grant
The duration will be approx. six to eight months from application to grant.

The application process
Proposals that meet the condition are evaluated on the basis of scientific excellence. The proposals are assessed by a scientific committee and approved by the board of  VILLUM FONDEN. For proposals for large grants that proceed from the committee's initial assessment, the process will include an external written peer review followed by and interview with the scientific committee.

Call: Villum Synergy 

Application deadline is : 21 February 2024, 2 PM.

Synergy grants 2023

In 2023 VILLUM FONDEN granted DKK 44 million under the Villum Synergy programme.

Michel M.H. Kristensen
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, VILLUM FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 78 89