VILLUM FONDEN aims to support the advancement of talented postdoc women in their research careers.

Applicants must be recommended by their home institution.

Female scientists in university career positions (assistant, associate and full professor) are under-represented. Just one out of seven science and technology professors in Denmark is a woman. The further up the academic career ladder you go, the fewer women you find. The gender imbalance means, first of all, that we miss out on talented women in academia. Secondly, it means less diverse workplaces and research environments.

To increase the number of female scientists Villum International Postdoc Programme makes grants to talented women at the transition from PhD to postdoc, where we begin to see large numbers of female scientists leaving science and technology.

Applicants should pursue an independent research career and plan for a stay abroad, followed by a return to a Danish research institution. Establishing an international perspective and network is crucial for a young scientist. It’s beneficial for their careers and for science in general.

The programme is earmarked for female scientists.

A total of DKK 15 million has been allocated for the programme in 2023.

Who can apply?
Excellent female scientists who are about to or have just obtained their PhD in Denmark within the technical and natural sciences. Danish citizenship is not a requirement. Please note that the program can only be applied for by invitation and recommendation from your faculty and department.

When administering grants, the foundation relies on the legal gender at the date of application.

The program will be announced annually.

Grant amount?
The grant amount which can be applied for is DKK 1-2.5 million. All grant amounts include up to 15% for indirect project costs. VILLUM FONDEN provides additionally funding for family support if needed for the stay abroad. This is based on an individual assessment by the host department and the international office at the host university.

Time frame
The time frame is three years and the stay abroad is considered the main part of the project. E.g. preferably two year stay abroad, followed by a return to a Danish research institution of about one year.

Approval of grant
The duration of the process will be approx. four months from application to grant.

The application process
Unsolicited applications are not accepted. Applicants must be recommended and endorsed by their Danish faculty and department.

Applications are evaluated on the sole criterion of scientific excellence. Grantees will be selected by the foundation's Working group for technical and natural sciences and approved by the board of the foundation.

Latest call: Villum International Postdoc 2023

Please note: Application deadline was 4 May 2023, 2 PM.

Villum International Postdoc 

Elisa Bassignana (ITU), Ersilia Guarini (UCPH), Nathalie Suhr Eiris Henriksen (DTU), Mengting Li (AAU) Mahak Pancholi (AU) og Monica Hamann Sandgaard (RUC).

Villum International Postdocs 2022:

Nataly Olivia Allasi Canales, Rucha Anil Deshpande, Irina Iachina, Eliana Lozano, Jolanta Rieksta and Teresa Anna Steiner.

Villum International Postdocs 2021:

Marie Brøns, Rocio Rodriguez Cano, Laura Kacenauskaite, Christina Lynggaard, Jette Katja Mathiesen and Laura Stidsholt.

Villum International Postdocs 2020:

Drude Fritzbøger Christensen, Freja Nygaard Rasmussen, Jiawei Wang, Kim Birnie-Gauvin, Line Meldgaard Madsen and Nanna Inie.

Villum International Postdocs 2020:

Maria Barrett, Amanda Bundgaard, Ada-Ioana Bunea, Meike Anna Christine Latz, Sinja Rist, Henriette Lyng Røder, Rita da Silva and Julie Thøgersen. 

Karen Skytte Larsen
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, VILLUM FONDEN
+45 21 55 09 08