VILLUM FONDEN wants to help Danish universities in their efforts to attract and support leading international researchers and ensure that more settle in Denmark.

In dialogue with universities and researchers

The Villum Family and Onboarding programme has been prepared in dialogue with the universities and on the basis of an anthropological survey carried out by IS IT A BIRD. The anthropologists spoke to leading international researchers to understand their everyday lives and needs.

The study “Paving the path for tomorrow’s top research talents in Denmark - Exploring the barriers and potentials for attracting and retaining talent in Danish STEM research” can be downloaded here:

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Through the Villum Family and Onboarding programme, we offer universities grants for family and welcome packages for selected researchers. The programme is aimed at researchers who have obtained a research grant from one of the following programmes: Villum Investigator, Villum Young Investigator or Villum International Postdoc.

The package can cover the costs involved when a researcher needs to settle in Denmark with his or her family. Or when a researcher brings his or her family abroad for a long-term research stay. The grants may, for example, cover the salary of the accompanying spouse for a period of time, the salary for a maternity leave replacement or support for childcare and schooling.

VILLUM FONDEN’s board has allocated DKK 16 million annually for the programme. A separate fund, the Mobility Fund (the Fund for the Promotion of International Research Mobility), has been set up to manage the grants to the universities.

Who can apply?

Only the international offices of the Danish universities (HR or similar), in cooperation with a host department, can apply for the programme.

The international offices and, where appropriate, the host department, in cooperation with the researcher, design an offer that suits the researcher.

Which researchers? 

Universities may apply on behalf of researchers who meet the following criteria:

  • The researcher must be awarded a grant under the Villum Investigator, Villum Young Investigator or Villum International Postdoc programme.

Researchers in the Villum Investigator and Villum Young Investigator programme must also have:

  • A long-term employment contract at a Danish university.
  • If the researcher is a Danish citizen or otherwise connected to Denmark, he or she may not have been a resident of Denmark for the past five years.

The Mobility Fund board

  • Director of Science Thomas Bjørnholm, VILLUM FONDEN (chair)
  • Board member Jens Oddershede, VELUX FONDEN
  • Partner Christian Gregersen, Horten 

Applications and administration of grants

Universities can contact VILLUM FONDEN for more information on the possibilities and applications for family packages.

The Mobility Fund is responsible for awarding the grants to universities.

The law firm Horten handles the administration of the Mobility Fund.

See the Mobility Fund’s Trust Deed (in Danish).