Top metal researcher receives Annual Award

Professor Dorte Juul Jensen’s research into the internal microstructures and properties of metals has led to groundbreaking results. On 4 May 2022, she will be celebrated as this year’s recipient of VILLUM FONDEN’s Annual Award of DKK 5 million. 

Dorte Juul Jensen 

  • Denmark’s first female Dr.techn. (Doctor of Technology), DTU, 1997
  • 2013-: Professor of Materials Science and Advanced Characterisation, DTU
  • Recipient of ERC Advanced Grant in 2018 and ERC PoC Grant in 2022
  • Author of more than 450 scientific articles 
  • Born in 1957. Married to Jens Christian Juul Jensen and mother of two

Dorte Juul Jensen from DTU Construct receives the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award in Science and Technology for her groundbreaking studies of materials and tireless efforts to enhance Danish research. Together with the annual award of DKK 5 million, Dorte Juul Jensen will receive a piece of metal that doesn’t require research to understand: an Annual Award Medal engraved with her name, a symbol of one of Denmark’s largest individual research awards.

“The award is a unique recognition of my work and means that I can expand my research towards understanding the complicated microstructural evolutions occurring in 3D-printed metals when they are exposed to mechanical or thermal loads. Only when we understand what is really going on inside metals, we can improve them for the benefit of society,” says Dorte Juul Jensen.

World-class technological development

Video portrait of Dorte Juul Jensen.

In her 41-year career, Dorte Juul Jensen has developed new experimental techniques for studying metals in two, three and four dimensions. This has enabled her to advance the characterization of metal microstructures and to understand some aspects of why the metals behave as they do. Among other things, her research is used to produce new, stronger and more malleable materials that can save resources and energy. 

“Dorte Juul Jensen is an excellent representative of science at the highest level and of the interplay between fundamental understanding and practical application. VILLUM FONDEN is proud to present her with the Villum Kann-Rasmussen Annual Award,” says Jens Kann-Rasmussen, chair of VILLUM FONDEN’s board. “Her work has led to new scientific insights into the nanostructure of metals, but it has also had very direct impacts on industry. For instance, it has helped identify why cracks appear in railway tracks and how to shape aluminum components with an optimal microstructure.”

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Her research focusses on ‘the inner life’ of metals

- portrait of Professor Dorte Juul Jensen

Professor Dorte Juul Jensen is presented with Annual Award Medal by Professor and member of the Annual Award Committee Anja Boisen and chair of VILLUM FONDEN Jens Kann-Rasmussen.

Download press photos of Annual Award recipient Dorte Juul Jensen. Photo credit: VILLUM FONDEN. 



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