VILLUM Experiment: for the bold research idea, that might be excluded by the traditional peer-review funding schemes.

The programme is open to all active researchers regardless of nationality and age.

This programme has been created for exeptional research projects that challenge the norm and have the potential to fundamentally change the way we approach important topics. To ensure that researchers dare to submit their most ambitious ideas without being pilloried by their academic peers who will be reviewing their proposal, applicants are anonymous to their reviewers. The reviewers are asked to emphasise the ideas they perceive as real breakthroughs. Perhaps only one in ten projects will turn out to create something unique.

The grant amount is DKK 1-2 million, which is to cover a research period of 1-2 years. The grants can cover all project-related such as salary, equipment, travel, running costs etc.

Deadline for application was 21 March 2018 at 14.00. Please find latest call here.

DKK 71 million for 39 unorthodox research ideas

Grants for 39 VILLUM Experiment projects in 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Lars Arnskov Olsen
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VILLUM FONDEN
+ 45 26 17 08 39