VELUX FONDEN supports social initiatives in Denmark that allow people in a socially vulnerable position to participate actively in communities.

We wish to help bring about changes and improvements in the social area and believe that this is possible when people act together in communities.

Therefore we have a special focus on supporting innovative and method developing projects with the aim of promoting constructive communities, inclusion and active citizenship to prevent citizens in socially vulnerable positions from feeling isolated.

We support method development projects in all stages of life - from child to old age.

We support

VELUX FONDEN focuses on supporting voluntary associations, municipalities, NGOs and others who work to help socially disadvantaged people join constructive communities. We primarily support larger individual projects with amounts of more than DKK 500,000.


How we work

All applications are read by the foundation's professional secretariat. As part of our processing of the applications, the most promising project ideas are assessed by external experts, so that VELUX FONDEN's board has a sound basis for their decisions.

We emphasise dialogue with applicants, but we do not co-develop project ideas or enter into project partnerships.

We support knowledge sharing for grant recipients, via seminars and theme meetings, and we are in constant dialogue with small and large contributors working in the social area in Denmark.

  • Construction/renovation. Ongoing operation and administration of institutions or organisations.
  • Tasks that fall under the public sector's obligations.
  • Projects that serve political, commercial or business interests.
  • Projects that consist exclusively of research, competence development, events, continuation of activities, documentation /evaluation.
  •  Private individuals and commercial companies.

If you are still in doubt about what we support and do not support, please feel free to contact us.

How to apply?

We only accept applications from projects based in Denmark. Please visit our Danish website for more information. Please note, that applications must be written in Danish.

Projects we have supported

We have supported more than 200 social projects in Denmark with a total of more than DKK 675 million. We publish all our grants - find inspiration from previously supported projects.

Contact us
Vibeke Lybecker
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, VELUX FONDEN
+45 23 80 69 80
Jimmie Gade Nielsen
Senior Adviser, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 23 27 39 57
Ane Grubb
Senior Adviser, VELUX FONDEN
+45 21 46 61 19