VELUX FONDEN makes grants for social initiatives in Denmark focusing on citizens in social vulnerable positions.

We wish to help bring about changes and improvements in the social area and believe that this is possible when people act together in communities.

Therefore we have a special focus on supporting innovative and method developing projects with the aim of promoting constructive communities, inclusion and active citizenship to prevent citizens in socially vulnerable positions from feeling isolated.

Focus areas - what do we support?

We support method development projects in all stages of life - from child to old age.

Holistic initiatives for socially vulnerable families

The Foundation wishes to support vulnerable children's well-being through holistic social family activities where the child´s life in the family is the starting point. The aim is primarily to strengthen the children's well-being by taking a starting point in the situation of the whole family.

We have observed that civil society and municipalities each have their own strengths that together constitute a qualified and effective support for families in social vulnerable positions. Our "holistic family effort" will make civil society and municipalities work together to offer the families counseling and support as a coherent whole in relation to the family´s challenges, whishes, needs and resources.

The municipalities and civil society organisations must not only organise joint efforts, but also offer complementary coordinated initiatives, so that they form a whole with the maximum benefit and effect for the families.

Socially disadvantaged youth and adults in constructive communities

The foundation wish to support social initiatives that support the efforts to create a sustainable adulthood, when young people and adults are at risk of being put in a social vulnerable position or already are social vulnerable.

Elderly as a resource in the community

The foundation wish to support social initiatives that strengthen active participation of elderly in the community by developing initiatives employing the elderly´s resources while maintaining their empowerment - for the benefit of cohesiveness and sustainability in the community. The hope is that this will prevent or discourage loneliness, isolation and mental illness among the elderly.

How to apply?

We only accept applications from projects based in Denmark. Please visit our Danish website for more information. Please note, that applications must be written in Danish.

Working groups

VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have set up a number of working groups mainly for the purpose of contributing to the allocation activities of the foundations taking place on a professional, sound and in other respects exemplary basis. The object of the working groups is to assist the board of trustees with strategic development as well as with the handling and recommendations to decide on applications and projects within selected areas, presently the individual allocation areas as well as the asset management.

Working group for Social projects in Denmark
  • Birgitte Mazanti, head of centre, Centre for Social Housing Development, external member
  • Erik Michael Darre, board member of VELUX FONDEN
  • Helle Linnet, senior consultant in the Local Health Service in Region Zealand, chair of Social Development Center SUS
  • Leif Olsen, senior scientist VIVE, MSc, ph.d.

Youngsters gain courage, purpose and self-esteem

VELUX FONDEN and the foundation TrygFonden have co-funded the creation and development of fire cadet corps nationwide in Denmark. 

Contact us

We always like to have a detailed talk about the potential of a project, so please contact us before sending us a letter of interest or an application.

Vibeke Lybecker
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+45 23 80 69 80
Stine Weiersøe Villadsen
Senior Adviser, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 92 43 90 62
Conni E. Foght
Programme Coordinator, VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN
+45 23 82 75 62