How we process and protect the personal data you are asked to include in your application.

The new EU Law - the general data protection regulation (GDPR) - will come into force on 25 May 2018.

We have therefore introduced new procedures. In the future, we ask all applicants and co-applicants to give their consent to allow us to process and store personal data submitted in connection with an application.

How we use personal data

We process personal data digitally and use it partly for evaluation of applications and partly for an overview of grants, applicants and recipients.

In addition, we will use the data if we publish the project in our yearbook, on our website or in other dissemination contexts.

The personal data will as a minimum be stored until a decision has been made regarding your application. What personal data we store afterwards and for how long depend on whether you receive a grant or a rejection.

For more more information about how we protect your data, if you receive a grant or a rejection, see below.

Read more in the conditions for consent

Information for co-applicants

We distinguish between principal applicants and co-applicants. If you apply with co-applicants, they must also consent to the retention of personal data. The letter of consent for co-applicants can be found below. You can also download it when you submit the application.

Letter of consent for co-applicants

Privacy notice for co-applicants applying for grants under the 'active senior citizens' grant area

Co-applicants applying for grants under the 'active senior citizens' grant area do not have to fill in the letter of consent above. As the principal applicant, you must however inform them of the letter of consent. The information submitted to you by the co-applicants for the application will be deleted 6 months after a decision has been made on the application.

Privacy notice for co-applicants under the area of 'active senior citizens'

Revocation of the letter of consent

You can revoke your letter of consent at any time. However, this may mean that your application cannot be evaluated, or your grant may be withdrawn.

If you wish to gain insight into or delete the data, we have processed about you, please contact us at