We assume that you also want to tell a wide audience about the benefit and social benefit that the project will provide when you have received a grant.

The foundation follows the principle that it is the grantee who can best convey a project's charitable impact.


If you have received a grant towards a research project, please speak with your contact person about reporting your results.

Your contact person is listed in your award letter.

Report templates

Communication and publication

If you have received a grant, we expect that you will tell about the grant and the results and impact that your project brings.

We assume that you take the lead in the communication as you know who could be interested in hearing about the project and how to convey this information.

We are always happy to assist with sparring and input concerning the publication of a grant or communication of results.

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Logo and standard text

Read more about how to use our logo and how to present the foundations in publicity.

Logo and standard text

Research publicattions and Open Access

VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have joined the Open Access policy for public research councils and foundations.

This will be adapted in the foundations grants. Respect for compliance with Open Access policy is included in our grant letters for research projects. Grant recipients must account for conditions relating to Open Access in the annual and final reports to the foundations.

Open Access