When you receive a grant, we expect you to follow our guidelines for reports and publications


If you have received a grant, please contact your Senior Adviser about reporting your results. Both during the project and when it is completed. Your advisor's contact information is listed in your grant letter.

You can find report templates for our various grant areas here:

Report templates

Communication and publication

If you have received a grant, we expect that you wish to tell a wide audience about the benefit and social benefit that the project will provide.

We follow the principle that the grant recipient knows how to best disseminate the non-profit impact of the project, and we, therefore, expect that you take the lead in the communication both regarding publication and during the project. This includes results, events, etc or anything else that highlights the impact of the project and the grant. The results of the project and publications must be freely available to the public.

As far as possible, it must be made clear (in publications, on websites, in videos, etc.) that your project is funded by the foundations, so feel free to use our logo (see below). If there is any doubt about the use and crediting of the logo, please send the material using the foundation's logo or name to the foundations for approval.

Please contact us if you need our assistance. 

Social media

On social media, please tag us in relevant posts on: 


For the sake of openness about funding sources, it should be made visible (in publications, on relevant websites, social media etc.) that your project is funded by the foundations, preferably using our logo in accordance with applicable guidelines (see above). Example: "This project is funded by VILLUM FONDEN".

Logo and standard text

Read more about how to use our logo and how to present the foundations in publicity:

Logo and standard text

Research publications and Open Access

​The foundations have joined the Open Access policy for public research councils and foundations. Respect for compliance with Open Access policy is included in grant letters for research projects. The policy states that published scientific articles that are the result of a full or partial grant from the foundations must be made freely available to anyone via Open Access with the journal’s permission:

Open Access

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