Jørgen Tang-Jensen has been elected new member of VILLUM FONDEN’s board of directors.
Villum Experiment is VILLUM FONDENs programme for researchers who wish to challenge the norm. A research project will assess whether the programme meets the aim of funding bold and groundbreaking research.
Royal inauguration of the new Danish hospital for patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Sønderborg: Dansk Gigthospital. VILLUM FONDEN has funded the establishment of the new hospital with DKK 50 million.
This year’s crop of highly talented early career academics selected to be Villum Young Investigators will receive a total of DKK 205 million from VILLUM FONDEN.
Professor Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi is a pioneering figure in the field of nanooptics - and now he is the recipient of the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award.
THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS' commitment to investing for impact is a case study for use in Harvard Business School.
In 2018, VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN made a total of DKK 888 million in philanthropic grants. Read more about the projects the money went to in our latest yearbook.
A grant of DKK 20 million from VELUX FONDEN for a new research centre for marine plastic pollution brings skilled researchers across universities and disciplines together.
Sugar dating, Parkinson's patients dancing, role models for young people with autism and holistic approaches to prevent social marginalisation. Four projects have received grants from VELUX FONDEN's HUMpraxis programme.
25 years of progress in ophthalmology.
VILLUM FONDEN held a workshop for academics in October. The target group was the researchers who had received a VILLUM Experiment grant in 2017 or 2018.
Six research projects from three Danish universities have received a total of 33 million DKK from VELUX FONDEN's core-group programme for research in the humanities.
Professor Jens Nørskov receives the prestigious Niels Bohr International Gold Medal. He is a Villum Kann Rasmussen professor and director of the new Catalysis Theory Center at DTU.
Villum Experiment supports 53 bold ideas for research in the technical and natural sciences with a total amount of DKK 100 million.
A group of active senior citizens has raised awareness of bees to a new level with an exhibition on beekeeping on Langeland. VELUX FONDEN has funded the project - including the photo shoots.
Coding Pirates is launching a 3-year project that will strengthen and foster volunteerism across the country and ensure accession of new volunteers to the association. VILLUM FONDEN has granted DKK 3.9 million for the project.
VELUX FONDEN has granted six concrete analysis projects to contribute to more solid knowledge for the management of the Danish marine environment.
VELUX FONDEN has granted DKK 4.6 million to support five local project across the country that will protect the coastline, ensure a healthier marine environment and create awareness of the life below the surface of the sea.
Erik Michael Darre has been elected new member of the board of VELUX FONDEN. He is a surgeon general, former Chief of the Danish Defence Health Service and a specialist in orthopedic surgery.
Seven projects will assess new methods to help adults in a socially vulnerable position join voluntary communities.
Five new methodology projects will focus on engaging vulnerable and socially disadvantaged young people in constructive and significant communities.
What do we know about the health, treatment and well-being of elderly people? The Danish Aging Research Center has just received a grant of DKK 10m
We thank the 214 young researchers who have submitted applications to the Villum Young Investigator Programme.
Three younger researchers will, through research in rockcod, MFAP4 and photoreceptors, enlighten us on eye disorders.
The Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuich and the American researcher Greg Ward receive The Daylight Award 2018.
Professor Christian Søndergaard Jensen, of the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, has been elected new member of the board of VILLUM FONDEN.
An evaluation of the VILLUM Young Investigator Programme concludes that researchers, who have received funding from the programme, have experienced a career boost.
VILLUM FONDEN has employed Thomas Bjørnholm as Director of VILLUM FONDEN's grant area for research within the technical and natural sciences.
The articles in the new Yearbook present a small section of the projects made possible by a total of DKK 1,263 million in 2017, divided into 916 grants.
Professor in cryptography Ivan Damgård from Aarhus University is this year’s recipient of the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award in Science and Technology.
18 young and promising researchers from four Danish universities receive a total of DKK 153 million from VILLUM FONDEN's Young Investigator Programme.
PORTRAIT: Early in his research career, he developed a theory for the protection of data – and now, 30 years later, practical applications are exploding.
VILLUM FONDEN aims to increase the interest in science and technology in school-age children and to support the children´s general education in the technical and natural sciences.
A DKK 28m grant from VILLUM FONDEN has made it possible to create a Villum Kann Rasmussen professorship at DTU for the leading international catalysis researcher Jens Kehlet Nørskov.
Many of Denmark’s largest foundations have come together to create a new knowledge centre for foundations.
The new Villum Center for Advanced Structural and Material Testing(CASMaT) will offer new opportunities for research into building structures and materials on multiple scales.
The restoration of the iconic glass dome of the Palais de la Découverte in Paris has been completed, and all its light recovered. The restoration is supported by VILLUM FONDEN.
Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S, the company that manufactures acoustic ceiling panels, was honored with The Building Component Award 2017 for his commitment and perseverance.
Thanks to the 197 young researchers who have submitted applications to the VILLUM Young Investigator Programme.
Eight research projects from five Danish universities have collectively received 39 million DKK from VELUX FONDEN's core group programme for research in the humanities.
Climate Change, Marine Protected Areas, Sustainable Fisheries and Maritime Spatial Planning. These are the four overall themes of a symposium held by VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN on November 9, 2017.
VILLUM FONDEN has appointed Agi Csonka to spearhead a new grant area focusing on children, young people and natural science.
Five new projects will focus on the balance of the marine ecosystem. All five projects gather and combine existing knowledge about the marine environment - across research fields and across different interests.
VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have handed a book focusing on the Danish-French artistic relations in the period of absolute monarchy in Denmark to H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. Prince Henrik.
VILLUM FONDEN's new grant area will focus on increasing children and young people´s education, interest and competence within science and technology.
VILLUM FONDEN supports 39 unorthodox researchers who each have submitted their wildest project idea.
Within the first two years, the international environment foundation has supported more than 90 projects actively working to deal with man-made climate change.
At DTU's Annual Commermoration Day on 28 April 2017, former chair of VILLUM FONDEN, Lars Kann-Rasmussen received a special honorary award - DTU's Gold Medal.
The grant is to strengthening the Food Bank´s income from business partnerships.
11 new VILLUM Investigators were celebrated on April 27, 2017.