Fredericia, Lemvig, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Tønder, Vordingborg, Thisted and Allerød are receiving a total of DKK 43.3 million to set up makerspaces and train teachers.
Five combined practice and research projects have received grants totalling DKK 27.3 million from VELUX FONDEN’s HUMpraxis programme.
This year’s recipients of VILLUM FONDEN’s Villum International Postdoc grants are all excellent top research talents. The programme targets female researchers in the technical and natural sciences.
The Boligbyggeri fra 4 til 1 Planet initiative has a great challenge and an opportunity for financial support for Denmark’s most progressive contractors and developers. Contractors who will help set new standards for the climate footprint of the building sector.
Reduce the climate footprint of new housing construction in Denmark by 75 per cent. That is the ambitious goal of the Boligbyggeri fra 4 til 1 Planet initiative. The initiative has just selected six ideas for climate-friendly architecture and five ideas for climate-friendly materials. Now it is time for large-scale testing of the architecture and materials.
VELUX FONDEN supports the development of new initiatives that focus on preventing and reducing mental health problems. Seven projects will receive a total of DKK 23.6 million to develop and test new methods and interactions between initiatives in the social sector.
The intersection of subject areas can provide the foundation for important new knowledge. 30 researchers are receiving grants totalling DKK 57 million from VILLUM FONDEN for 15 data-driven interdisciplinary research projects.
The Royal Box’s Chambers and entrance area, as well as the ornate Balcony Foyer have undergone an extensive restoration so that the historic spaces now appear in their original form. Three foundations – VILLUM FONDEN, Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Fonden and Knud Højgaards Fond have supported the project.
The big, the small and the really quirky research questions. You can find it all on the list of technical and natural science research projects receiving this year's Experiment Programme grants.
“A smile is the shortest distance between two people,” goes the saying, but for the socially disadvantaged, a smile can actually widen that distance if your teeth show signs of neglect and substance abuse. At Tandrødderne in Ballerup, Copenhagen, more than 20 volunteer professionals offer free dental care to former and current drug addicts, and with a grant from VELUX FONDEN, they can now offer dental prostheses to those who want them.
In collaboration with Universities Denmark, VILLUM FONDEN supports the scholarship program Scholars at Risk Ukraine (SARU). The programme is aimed at Ukrainian researchers affected by the war.
With grants from VELUX FONDEN totalling DKK 14m, three museum projects are set to strengthen research and rethink dissemination at Danish museums large and small.
VELUX FONDEN’s core group programme supports free, original basic research in the humanities and related social sciences. This year, DKK 42 million will be awarded to seven research projects.
With private donations totalling DKK 135 million, financing is now in place to secure the five Viking ships in Roskilde for posterity.
Copenhagen’s master painters and decorators have, with a grant from VILLUM FONDEN, donated a new end wall mural opposite Henry Heerup’s mural extolling the virtues of milk at Sølvgades Skole in central Copenhagen. The artist Jeppe Eisner has created a fabulous narrative about the city and its painters and decorators. At the same time, Heerup’s end wall mural has been freshened up.
The Land-CRAFT research center aims to find solutions to how we can make the best possible use of agricultural land while simultaneously reducing our impact on biodiversity and the climate.
Copenhagen, 16 May 2022. On the UNESCO International Day of Light, The Daylight Award announces the 2022 Laureates: Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara for their architecture, and Anna Wirz-Justice for her research.
Professor Dorte Juul Jensen’s research into the internal microstructures and properties of metals has led to groundbreaking results. On 4 May 2022, she will be celebrated as this year’s recipient of VILLUM FONDEN’s Annual Award of DKK 5 million.
Willumsens Museum in Frederikssund on northern Zealand will soon undergo extensive refurbishment work, ensuring that in future the museum has just the right facilities for exhibiting works by J.F. Willumsen and international artists.
VILLUM FONDEN supports an association of 18 well-established organisations, brought together by their common focus on social and humanitarian aid.
On the UNESCO International Day of Light in a live online ceremony, The Daylight Award will announce the 2022 laureates for Daylight Research and Daylight in Architecture
Four years ago, the Natural History Museum of Denmark acquired a large collection of amber with the support of three Danish foundations. Now, it has emerged that ten insects, which were caught in a lump of resin 35-45 million years ago, are hitherto undiscovered species of the prehistoric ichneumon wasp.
1 August - or maybe even sooner - Fredrik Skoglund enters as the new CIO at the foundations.
VILLUM FONDEN grants DKK 80 million to the national innovation center The VILLUM Power-to-X Accelerator (VPX) at DTU to bring Power-to-X projects closer to the market, thereby speeding up the green transition.
VELUX FONDEN’s mobile ocular experience centre goes on tour during the spring and summer. Here, you can find out about living with impaired vision, and find tools for managing daily life.
VILLUM FONDEN will donate a total of DKK 39 million to 21 projects involving climate education in primary, secondary and vocational schools.
VELUX FONDEN has granted a total of DKK 10 million (EUR 1.34 million) for projects with special focus on the challenges that have been caused by the war in Ukraine. The money will be donated through the grant areas Active senior citizens and Culture & society.
Based on a grant from VELUX FONDEN, a new white paper describes the status of rehabilitation efforts in Denmark, and presents recommendations for rehabilitation programmes that help an increasing number of Danes live independent and active lives.
Based on a grant from VELUX FONDEN, a new white paper describes the status of rehabilitation efforts in Denmark and presents recommendations for rehabilitation programmes that help an increasing number of Danes live independent and active lives.
On 28 March Denmark's new Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence marks its official opening. The pioner centre will contribute to solving major societal challenges and bring Denmark to the forefront of human-centered artificial intelligence.
The climate footprint from the construction of new homes in Denmark must be reduced by 75%. Resource consumption should be kept at 'one planet' per year. VILLUM FONDEN and Realdania will support this through a partnership and DKK 60 million.
This year’s extension grants for the Villum Young Investigator Programme (YIP) are to be awarded to four outstanding researchers at the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen. The researchers will each receive an additional grant worth almost DKK 4 million.
To celebrate the 40th and 50th anniversaries of the foundations - both founded in 2021 – we have published an anniversary book in Danish and English portraying the foundations’ developments and activities from when they were established and until 2015. The foundations have undergone extensive development and have supported a large number of philanthropic projects over the years.
16 talented researchers in the technical and natural sciences are to receive grants totalling DKK 102 million that will allow them to pursue their ideas and establish their own research groups at Danish universities.
Among the features in this year’s yearbook is a look back at some of the foundations’ biggest grants. And you can explore the grants for 2021 that offer everything from cool Boss Ladies and social initiatives to groundbreaking research.
VELUX FONDEN’s pilot project Writers-in-residence aims to promote the interplay between the humanities and artistic endeavour, and strengthen Danish literature. Now eight talented writers are receiving fellowships to write in university environments
VELUX FONDEN grants DKK 7 million for a new project to help newly arrived quota refugees and generate overall knowledge about their inclusion in Danish communities. The project is a collaboration between researchers at Aarhus University, VIVE, the Danish Refugee Council and Danish municipalities.
Twenty large and small-scale original projects will receive grants totalling DKK 20 million to bring more fresh air and light to everyday life.
Many more children and young people in Denmark will now have access to invent, design and construct in good facilities. The municipalities of Morsø, Skive, Holstebro, Næstved, Copenhagen and Fredensborg receive grants to create makerspaces.
Six combined research and practice projects have received grants totalling DKK 33.3 million from VELUX FONDEN’s HUMpraxis programme.
In Svendborg, Claus Juul Nielsen has been dedicated to turning old bricks into new building gold that provides new builds with both soul and sustainability.
This year, six highly promising researchers are the grantees under VILLUM FONDEN’s talent programme Villum International Postdoc – aka VIPO. The programme is targeted at female researchers in the technical and natural sciences.
12 projects receive DKK 45 million in grants from VILLUM FONDEN in Denmark’s largest programme for data-driven interdisciplinary research: Villum Synergy.
Do sponges sleep? This is one of the research questions that 51 technical and scientific researchers are now given the means to try to find answers to.
VELUX FONDEN supports initiatives that allow socially disadvantaged people to participate in constructive communities. Five projects will now receive a total of DKK 10.6 million to develop and test new methods for creating inclusive communities for selected target groups.
A pilot project will award work grants to talented fiction writers in residence at humanities departments at universities: VELUX FONDEN launches the Writer-in-residence programme.
With grants under VELUX FONDENS’s anniversary project ‘Senior citizens with impaired vision’, Danish People’s Aid, the Danish senior citizen organisation Professional Seniors and the Danish Committee for Health Education will generate new knowledge and networks to promote an active life for senior citizens when impaired vision changes their everyday life.
This year, VELUX FONDEN’s core group programme is awarding grants totalling DKK 41 million to eight very different research projects at the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark, Roskilde University and Aarhus University.
Project managers’ must-read and megaproject master. The renowned scholar has many names. Soon Professor Bent Flyvbjerg will also have a Danish postcode again. A grant of DKK 30 million from VILLUM FONDEN has enabled the IT University of Copenhagen to recruit the leading international researcher.
The think tank, called Tænketanken Hav, will serve as a focal point for work towards a clean, healthy sea and sustainable use of its resources.