They were previously beneficiaries of grants under the foundation's Young Investigator program and have now been selected to continue their research for another three years.
Nine projects are on a mission to boost the enthusiasm of young minds for education and equip them to take an active part in the green and digital transformation. From vocational schools enhancing students' digital and green skills to NGOs providing mentorship for vulnerable youth in Roma communities.
This recipient of this year’s Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award, Professor and Centre Director Susanne Mandrup, is on a lifelong journey of discovery into adipose tissue, and the development of fat cells in particular. Her results have led to new knowledge about how our genes control important biological processes concerning health and disease.
18 young research talents receive grants totalling DKK 132 million from The Villum Foundation's Young Investigator programme.
In the coming years, many thousands of children and young people will have amazing opportunities for hacking, inventing, testing and designing in advanced workshops aimed at boosting their technology literacy and digital skills.
Depressing climate news fills the news: tennis ball-sized hail, cloudbursts and floods. As a reader, you feel paralysed, but can climate journalism be critical and constructive at the same time? One of five new research projects will investigate this.
With knowledge, research and business acumen, Niels Thorup Madsen, Jens Jacob Porsmose and Lars Bo Ibsen are setting new standards for screw pile foundations that can make it far easier, faster and cheaper for the construction industry to reduce tonnes of CO2.
For many years, research environments in the fields of technical and natural sciences have been facing the challenge of attracting and retaining female researchers. However, a significant development is now underway as 123 university environments specializing in STEM subjects have come together in collaboration with VILLUM FONDEN, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and the strategic innovation agency IS IT A BIRD. Their collective objective is to implement a targeted initiative aimed at enhancing diversity.
Some days are just better than others. And for eight female scientists that is likely to have been the feeling when they were told about their postdoc grant from Villum Fonden.
Although solutions to major challenges usually require cross-disciplinary collaboration, researchers seldom cross disciplinary boundaries in their research. The Synergy programme, however, allows for that.
New report provides schools' science education with insights to seize and build upon the knowledge and interest that students bring from home.
Towards 2025, Villum Fonden and Realdania will support BUILD in the further development of the method and data behind the research-based and free calculator LCAbyg as well as the work to future-proof and anchor lifecycle analyses in the industry during a transitional period.
While many people have no doubt seen Harry Potter's glasses repaired with the words ‘Oculus Reparo’, few would believe that glasses can actually heal themselves. This is something one of Villum Fonden’s 50 new grantees hopes to change.
Danish STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) research environments are facing challenges relating to gender diversity. A new anthropological study examines these challenges and points to new ways of strengthening diversity in Danish STEM research environments.
Universities and university colleges are joining forces to develop an academic platform for digital technology literacy as a general subject in primary and secondary education. The new knowledge centre for digital technology literacy is being realised with funding of DKK 50 million.
Villum Foundation has the great honour of having a newly discovered beetle named after it – in appreciation of a grant to a team of researchers from the Natural History Museum of Denmark.
This year, VELUX FONDEN’s core group programme is granting DKK 40 million to a wide range of research topics at the IT University of Copenhagen, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark and Roskilde University.
With grants from VELUX FONDEN’s environmental programme, three research projects will examine the environmental impacts of carbon storage, oil emissions from offshore wind turbines and carbon-neutral fuels from marine traffic.
Three projects are receiving DKK 14 million from VELUX FONDEN to strengthen research and rethink knowledge dissemination at Danish museums. This is the last time that grants will be awarded under the foundation’s Museum Programme, which was established in 2014..
VELUX FONDEN supports the development of new initiatives that focus on preventing and reducing mental health problems. This year, seven projects will receive a total of DKK 27.9 million to develop and test new methods that can give people with mental health problems the opportunity to participate actively in social communities.
COPENHAGEN, 16 May 2023. The Daylight Award aims to raise a holistic understanding of the importance of daylight in research and in practice. Every second year the award honours a researcher and an architect, and nominations for 2024 are now open. To further support cross-disciplinarity and bridge-building, The Daylight Award is also premiering a series of video conversations about daylight.
The Academy of Technical Sciences, in collaboration with the Danish universities, is launching an initiative to enhance Denmark's resilience to crises by accelerating the technological transformation. VILLUM FONDEN and four other foundations are supporting the project.
From habitable planets in distant galaxies to stronger 3D-printed metal components. With grants totalling DKK 352 million, 11 top researchers can pursue their brightest ideas.
In the report “The scientific impact of Danish research 1980-2020,” researchers from Aarhus University examine the impact of Danish research articles.
Connie Hedegaard joins the Villum Foundation's board - replacing Steen Riisgaard
With DKK 5 million from VILLUM FONDEN and support from ATV, the first Young Academy of Technology, Science and Innovation is founded in Denmark – with the acronym YATSI.
This year’s extension grants for the Villum Young Investigator Programme (YIP) are to be awarded to four outstanding researchers at Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen and DTU. The researchers will each receive an additional grant worth almost DKK 4 million.
On 23 January, VILLUM FONDEN celebrated the recipient of the Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award as well as 22 Villum Young Investigators, as is tradition.
From communities working on Sustainable Development Goals to top-level research mapping the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Foundations’ Yearbook, you can meet a selection of the many passionate individuals who, with grants from the foundations, are handling some of the biggest challenges of our time.
This year, 22 research talents from the technical and natural sciences will receive a combined total of DKK 126 million through VILLUM FONDEN Young Investigator Programme.
Professor Donald Canfield uses chemistry and biology to study the Earth's past. His work often causes the rewriting of textbooks on the history of the oceans - and thus also the history of life. On January 23, he will receive Villum Kann Rasmussens annual grant 2023 of 5 million DKK.
Danish foundations grant DKK 300 million to a pioneer center for the development of materials and Power-to-X technologies for the green transition. The center brings together leading national and international researchers.
What does it take to recruit and retain volunteers in civil society organisations set up to help vulnerable groups? This is the focus of the research project MATCH, which was initiated by VELUX FONDEN and carried out by researchers from Aalborg University in collaboration with the Danish Centre for Voluntary Social Work.
VELUX FONDEN’s pilot project Writers-in-residence aims to encourage dialogue between the humanities and artistic practice and to strengthen literature – now in all three parts of the Danish realm.
Fredericia, Lemvig, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Tønder, Vordingborg, Thisted and Allerød are receiving a total of DKK 43.3 million to set up makerspaces and train teachers.
Five combined practice and research projects have received grants totalling DKK 27.3 million from VELUX FONDEN’s HUMpraxis programme.
Communities in the wilderness, an outdoor community centre, outdoor spaces for rehabilitation ... The scope is wide-ranging among the projects which, with funding from VILLUM FONDEN’s Daylight and fresh air pool, shift everyday activities outside.
This year’s recipients of VILLUM FONDEN’s Villum International Postdoc grants are all excellent top research talents. The programme targets female researchers in the technical and natural sciences.
The Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN) is bolstering its efforts in support of the Danish seas and a thriving marine environment. It is happening with a large grant from VELUX FONDEN.
The Boligbyggeri fra 4 til 1 Planet initiative has a great challenge and an opportunity for financial support for Denmark’s most progressive contractors and developers. Contractors who will help set new standards for the climate footprint of the building sector.
Reduce the climate footprint of new housing construction in Denmark by 75 per cent. That is the ambitious goal of the Boligbyggeri fra 4 til 1 Planet initiative. The initiative has just selected six ideas for climate-friendly architecture and five ideas for climate-friendly materials. Now it is time for large-scale testing of the architecture and materials.
VELUX FONDEN supports the development of new initiatives that focus on preventing and reducing mental health problems. Seven projects will receive a total of DKK 23.6 million to develop and test new methods and interactions between initiatives in the social sector.
The intersection of subject areas can provide the foundation for important new knowledge. 30 researchers are receiving grants totalling DKK 57 million from VILLUM FONDEN for 15 data-driven interdisciplinary research projects.
The Royal Box’s Chambers and entrance area, as well as the ornate Balcony Foyer have undergone an extensive restoration so that the historic spaces now appear in their original form. Three foundations – VILLUM FONDEN, Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Fonden and Knud Højgaards Fond have supported the project.
The big, the small and the really quirky research questions. You can find it all on the list of technical and natural science research projects receiving this year's Experiment Programme grants.
Nutrient reductions are a condition for improving the environmental conditions in the Little Belt, and focused efforts to create habitats with, for example, eelgrass or stone reefs can increase the quality of the natural environment locally. This is the conclusion of two new reports prepared by researchers for 11 municipalities prior to the ‘Life in the Little Belt’ project.
“A smile is the shortest distance between two people,” goes the saying, but for the socially disadvantaged, a smile can actually widen that distance if your teeth show signs of neglect and substance abuse. At Tandrødderne in Ballerup, Copenhagen, more than 20 volunteer professionals offer free dental care to former and current drug addicts, and with a grant from VELUX FONDEN, they can now offer dental prostheses to those who want them.
In collaboration with Universities Denmark, VILLUM FONDEN supports the scholarship program Scholars at Risk Ukraine (SARU). The programme is aimed at Ukrainian researchers affected by the war.
With grants from VELUX FONDEN totalling DKK 14m, three museum projects are set to strengthen research and rethink dissemination at Danish museums large and small.
VELUX FONDEN’s core group programme supports free, original basic research in the humanities and related social sciences. This year, DKK 42 million will be awarded to seven research projects.