New centre to accelerate Power-to-X

VILLUM FONDEN grants DKK 80 million to the national innovation center The VILLUM Power-to-X Accelerator (VPX) at DTU to bring Power-to-X projects closer to the market, thereby speeding up the green transition.

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The initiative will help commercialize the best Power-to-X research projects from the Danish universities by boosting research ideas that have the potential to to gain a foothold on the energy market. The selected projects can receive funding, support for upscaling and testing of hardware as well as business development support.

Read more on DTU's website The VILLUM Power-to-X Accelerator.

Denmark has been a pioneer country in the generation of renewable energy, but our energy consumption is still largely based on fossil fuels. Power-to-X technology can convert wind and solar power into, for example, ammonia, methanol, and methane, which can be used as fuels and thus reduce carbon emissions.

“With the grant, we can accelerate the development of Power-to-X solutions. That is necessary to ensure Denmark’s continued leading position in Power-to-X technologies. The initiative fits well into the Government’s Power-to-X strategy, which will kick-start the development of green fuels. Together, we can make Power-to-X the next big Danish green transition venture,” says DTU President Anders Bjarklev.

Great leap from university laboratory to market  

Danish universities are conducting intensive research into Power-to-X technologies, but there is a very long way from the laboratory to commercial use.

“If the green transition is to succeed, it’s necessary to activate the practical application of the excellent Danish research in this field. It’s a long and often difficult journey on which a concerted effort is needed. We hope that The VILLUM Power-to-X Accelerator can help speed up the process. It’s necessary,” says Jens Kann-Rasmussen, chair of VILLUM FONDEN.

As Scientific Director, DTU Professor Peter Vesborg will head the centre, while DTU Professor Jens Kehlet Nørskov will chair the steering committee. Both professors are internationally leading energy researchers whose projects include work with the use of catalysis technology to replace fossil fuels in energy production and materials manufacturing. 

Read DTU's press release about the center.

Thomas Bjørnholm
Executive Chief Scientific Officer, professor, VILLUM FONDEN
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Professor Thomas Bjørnholm is responsible for the foundation’s research programmes in technical and natural sciences.
Previously Thomas Bjørnholm was Prorector for Research and Innovation and Deputy Rector at the University of Copenhagen with overall responsibility for research and innovation across all disciplines at the university.

He is a professor of Materials Chemistry and the founding director of the Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen.

Thomas Bjørnholm is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences and he has served on numerous boards and committees.

As a scientist, he has published more than 200 articles in scientific journals and books including contributions to the highly-recognized journals Nature and Science. He has given more than 150 invited talks at conferences and research institutes around the world and received research awards, including the Ole Rømer Foundation Award, the Ellen & Niels Bjerrum Award and gold medal, and the Director Ib Henriksen Award.

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