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VELUX FONDEN supports projects to boost research and mediation at Danish museums. 

VELUX FONDEN's Museum Programme supports projects at Danish museums that reinforce collaboration between the museums' researchers and mediators and the universities' humanities researchers, and help to improve the outreach of research-based discoveries to the general public through engaging and compelling state-of-the-art mediation methods geared to today's museum visitors.

The Programme is under ongoing development in collaboration and close dialogue with a number of the many and diverse museums across Denmark to ensure that the evolving Programme incorporates the museums' own suggestions, concerns and preferences.

Background and grants

In 2014, VELUX FONDEN resolved, under its non-profit activities, to earmark special grant allocations for the purpose of supporting research and mediation efforts at Danish museums.

Based on the desire to accommodate the museums' current situation and challenges, from the outset, VELUX FONDEN has sought to design its Museum Programme in close dialogue with museums across Denmark to ensure that the Programme incorporates their own suggestions, concerns and preferences. To that end, in 2013 and 2014, VELUX FONDEN conducted a number of meetings with diverse museums nationwide. The outcome of the dialogue meetings has been significant in defining the Museum Programme's purpose, project criteria and grant instruments. VELUX FONDEN will seek to continue its ongoing dialogue with the museums.


The principal purpose of the Museum Programme is to strengthen the museums' efforts to address a two-fold challenge, one aim being to advance their research, the other being to broaden mediation outreach. The Programme will accordingly:

  • Support projects capable of driving research and mediation efforts at Denmark's museums.
  • Boost collaboration, bridge-building, and synergetic effects between the universities' humanities scholars and the museums' researchers and mediators.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of evidence-based humanities research results in engaging and compelling state-of-the-art mediation formats geared to today's museum visitors.

VELUX FONDEN supports independent, investigator- and mediator-driven collective projects with closely integrated research and mediation projects. Relevant projects will be within the fields of art and art history, mediation and museology.

Museum projects 2023

The three museum projects all focus on storytelling and look north, east and down at their roots

Museum projects 2022

Museum projects put models, environmental history and citizenship in the spotlight

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Senior Adviser, Head of Programme and Responsible for The Research Policy, VELUX FONDEN
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Senior Adviser, VELUX FONDEN
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Hanne Pohl
Administrative Coordinator, VELUX FONDEN
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