The Danish ophthalmology research centres are invited to set up projects in which multiple teams of investigators with unique expertise engage in multi-centre research partnerships across the nation's universities.

This arrangement allows researchers to complement each other and jointly raise the status of ophthalmology in Denmark.

VELUX FONDEN accordingly has an open call for ‘Major National Ophthalmology Projects’ and has funded the project ‘Safe Eye Surgery’ in partnership with a number of stakeholders in ophthalmology: the eye clinic at Rigshospitalet, CAMES (Copenhagen
Academy for Education and Simulation) in the Capital Region of Denmark and MidtSim in the Central Denmark Region.

Ann Sofia Skou Thomsen is involved in one of the large-scale, multi-centre projects benefiting ophthalmology as a whole in Denmark

Safe eye surgery

Annually, some 50,000 operations are performed to remove cataracts in Denmark, making it the most commonly performed type of surgical procedure.
Patients operated on for cataracts by less experienced surgeons suffer more complications, as compared with patients who undergo surgery performed by more experienced surgeons. The complications are typically detached retina and eye infection.

Dr. Ann Sofia Skou Thomsen, PhD, who heads up the ‘Safe Eye Surgery’ project, has previously demonstrated that simulation training improves the skills of newly-qualified surgeons for cataract procedures.

With this project, she aims to advance research and training to include vitreoretinal procedures (e.g. for detached retina) and studies of robotic assistance for ophthalmic surgery.

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