Telegrafregimentets Historiske Samling (THS) is housed in Fredericia and was established to preserve and promote the heritage of the Danish Army’s Signal Regiment. An excellent workshop facility has also made it possible to restore a number of rare vintage military vehicles, and a group of active and skilled seniors aged 59-83 have gained direction and enjoyment in life from committing to the project together.
In 2015, the seniors resolved to launch a social programme for a small group of people under 60 affected by severe adversity. The project is called ‘Kom Godt Videre’, or ‘Moving On’.

“Initially we focused on the Danish Signal Regiment’s most physically and mentally adversely affected veterans, but soon extended the programme to soldiers with PTSD or discharged on other grounds, and Moving on – in Fredericia
civilians afflicted by severe disease,” says initiator Ib Bager.
The outcome of the partnership between ‘seniors’ and younger individuals in need has proved beneficial for both sides and has had positive results. The initial beneficiaries have already moved on in life, and others are well on the way.

Peter and Peder working to restore a Dodge Power Wagon from 1963.

Restoring vehicles

Together, older and younger individuals are working to restore the collection’s vehicles, and have plenty of tools and spare parts available. For difficult jobs, they have access to the Signal Regiment’s workshops and five volunteers with specialised skills such as mechanics, IT experts, logisticians etc.
“We can see that the initiative has a significant knock-on effect on the individual’s quality of life, and that makes it worth every minute for us seniors,” says Ib Bager

Questions about Active Senior Citizens?

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