Meet YIP+ - The extension grant for Villum Young Investigators

In addition to the familiar YIP grants, the Villum Young Investigator Programme has from 2021 been supplemented with YIP extension grants aka. YIP+. The grant is meant to secure a steady research career for the most talented Villum Young Investigators. See the first five grantees.

Grant amount and time frame

A YIP+ grant is up to DKK 4 million and cannot cover the salary of the applicant. The YIP+ grant period is up to three years from 2022.

The YIP+ grants in small way tries to meet the wish from the Danish universities to fund not only the very young or very senior researchers but also researchers in their mid-career.

“I was deeply impressed by the achievements of the 2016 cohort of Villum Young Investigators. They are all contribution to Danish science at a very high level. We hope the YIP+-push we are able to give the best of them will be useful in their mid-careers,” says Thomas Bjørnholm, Executive Chief Scientific Officer of VILLUM FONDEN.

This year’s grants are meant to secure a steady research career for the most talented YIP grantees of 2016 and qualify them for e.g. an ERC Consolidator grant or similar. 

The first five YIP+-grantees

The total grant amount for this part of the Villum Young Investigator Programme is DKK 20 million out of the DKK 150 million allocated in total to the programme. This year's five grantees have received DKK 4 million each:

  • Eline Lorenzen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen: Unravelling the resilience of Arctic marine mammals to future climate change using palaeo-archives.
  • Irene Tamborra, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen: Neutron stars rattling, shining, and sparkling.
  • Lars A. Buchhave, Professor, Technical University of Denmark: Paving the Way for Biosignature Detections by Characterizing Small Exoplanets.
  • Georgios Magdis, Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark: The Hidden Cosmos; Bringing to light the agents of star formation and heavy element production in the early Universe.
  • Kaare H. Jensen, Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark: Physics of diffusive auxin transport in plant cell networks.
Who can apply in 2021?

Current YIP’s in the technical and natural sciences with a permanent position or similar and a grant letter dated January 2017 will receive an invitation in April 2021 to apply.

The host institution must clearly confirm that the applicant holds a permanent faculty position or similar at a Danish Research Institution.

It is expected that 10-15 YIPs can apply each year of which up to about five may obtain a YIP+ grant.


Following the invitation by e-mail primo April 2021, submit your application 9 June 2021, 12:00 noon via the YIP-application portal and make sure to mark your application with “YIP+-TITLE OF YOUR APPLICATION”


The selection process puts emphasis on finding current YIPs from 2017 who have proved their talent with a track record of excellent research and capacity building during the first years of their current YIP-grant. In addition, applicants must present an ambitious plan for their future research (use the application guidelines of the YIP programme on the website).


Michel M.H. Kristensen
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, VILLUM FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 78 89
Anna Høxbro Bak
Communications Adviser, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
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