Grants to museums have long been a key element of the philanthropic activities of VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN.

Grants have been made to a broad range of projects, from major contributions for new museum construction to funding for storage facilities, exhibition facilities and conservation projects. Grants have also been made to research and museum outreach.

Museum programme

VELUX FONDEN has a programme through which it channels grants to museums. The museum programme’s selection and approval procedures are closely co-ordinated with our humanities programme.

To ensure that our museum programme has as much impact in the long-term as possible, we have, since the programme’s inception, sought to closely co-ordinate our efforts with the proposals and needs of museums themselves.

The primary goal of the programme is to improve a museums’ ability to meet the dual challenge of improving their ability to conduct research and to find ways to appeal to a broader audience. As a result, the programme prioritises the projects that:

  • strengthen the integration of the museums’ research and outreach efforts
  • improve co-operation, networking and exchanges between museum researchers and outreach professionals and university researchers
  • contribute to efforts to communicate humanities research to a broad public through engaging, powerful and modern communication forms.

We support independent projects organised as a collaborative effort between researchers and outreach professionals, and which closely integrate the work of both. Grant award areas include art and cultural history, communication and museum sciences.

A call for letters of interest is made annually. Selected projects are invited to submit a full application. Applicants compete for grants on a competitive basis. Grants are awarded based on individual, external and international peer evaluations of each application.

The new story of Jelling

Outstanding new archaeological finds created a need to extend and upgrade the Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Viking Kings visitor and experience centre. 

The Urban History of Medieval Denmark

VELUX FONDEN has made a DKK 4,343,150 grant to the project ‘The Urban Centres of Medieval Denmark – Archaeology and History’.

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