Ethical investments

We invest in an ethical manner. Ethical investments matter to us because we believe that they can contribute to attaining sustainable-development goals and to solving a number of other challenges we face.

We rank our investments based on how socially responsible they are (see figure below).

Our aim is for our investments to rank as highly as possible while still living up to our goal of achieving the highest possible returns.

Twice a year, we review our portfolio of stocks and bonds to determine whether they meet the UN Global Compact for sustainable and socially responsible business practices. We seek to engage those companies that fail to live up to Global Compact guidelines.

Responsible investment policy


Tax Code of Conduct

Tax revenues form a crucial component in a well-functioning society, and thus, it is a high priority for us. Together with other Danish foundations, we have joined a Tax Code of Conduct developed by several of Denmark's largest pension funds.

The foundations adopt the pension sector's Tax Code of Conduct.

You can read the press release from 21.12.2020 here.

Environmentally responsible investments

Our target for the period 2016-2019 has been to make the contractual commitments for the impact investments make up 10% of the funds' tied-up assets - and the target has been reached. By 2023, we want to increase this type of investment further to a 15% commitment. This target was reached in 2022, so towards 2025 the new target is that the value of the investments should constitute 15% of the value of the tied-up assets.

The foundations' green investments

Since 2013, the foundations have invested an increasing proportion of their assets in green impact funds

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Head of Impact Investments, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
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