On the occasion of VELUX FONDEN’s 40th anniversary, the foundation is granting four honorary awards to researchers working within the field of gerontological and ophthalmological research. 

Two of the four honorary awards are being granted to two established researchers for their lifelong contributions to gerontological and ophthalmological research. Both researchers are receiving DKK 50,000. 

The two other honorary awards are being granted to two promising researchers within gerontological and ophthalmological research, who are also receiving DKK 50,000 and a further DKK 125,000 each for research purposes.   

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Valuable contributions to research 

In 2009, in connection with the centenary of Villum Kann Rasmussen’s birth, honorary awards of DKK 100,000 were granted to retired researchers in recognition of their particularly valuable efforts in the course of their long and still active lives in the service of research, and who have played a significant role for society.   

Within the field of gerontological research, honorary awards were granted to Marianne Scholl, D.M.Sc., and to Associate Professor Carsten Hendriksen, D.M.Sc., while the honorary awards within ophthalmological research were awarded to Mette Warburg, D.M.Sc., and Poul Erik Alsbirk, D.M.Sc.     

The recipients of the honorary awards in this anniversary year were nominated by two assessment committees – one for ophthalmological research and one for gerontological research. The committees are required to nominate candidates for the honorary awards, while the foundation’s grantees in the areas are able to suggest potential candidates to the assessment committees. 


Recipients of a grant from VELUX FONDEN for ophthalmological research or gerontological research within the past five years nominate candidates for the honorary awards. The deadline for nomination is 20 April 2021.

  • Significant research contribution to the field 
  • Committed to the development of the subject through participation in relevant scientific societies, as well as participation in educational or scientific policymaking
  • Demonstrates leadership skills through chairmanships, supervision, conference planning etc. 
  • Participates in Danish and international research networks  
  • Has a clinical background, for example as a doctor or nurse  
  • Is a clinical associate professor, associate professor or professor MSO
  • A minimum of at least 20 years of research experience after being awarded a PhD degree  
  • Has made a significant research contribution to the field as a research group leader  
  • Committed to the development of the subject through participation in relevant scientific societies and educational or scientific policymaking  
  • Participates in Danish and international research networks  
  • Is a professor or head of research 
Frank Ulmer Jørgensen
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 81 35