VELUX FONDEN is launching a new strategy for disbursing grants. This also applies to the funding area with support for particularly active senior citizens. 

For more detailed information on the application process, please visit our Danish site.

The new award criteria and formal requirements will, to a greater extent than before, focus on important efforts made by particularly active adults aged 60 and above. The foundation wants to continue to recognise these efforts.

Guidelines for the new criteria and requirements for the applications can be obtained by contacting the foundation’s senior adviser and head of programme Frank Ulmer Jørgensen on +45 2941 8135 or

Senior citizens are key contributors to community life 

When working life comes to an end, many older people still have a lot of ‘go’ and initiative. In recognition of one of the most important purposes of the Trust Deed for its founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen, VELUX FONDEN encourages and supports active senior citizens in taking initiatives for their own and other's benefit. 

Not only out of self-interest

“We are particularly keen to fund activities in which senior citizens seek specifically to engage in initiatives that bring their resourcefulness into play and that empower them – for the benefit of the cohesion and sustainability of their local community,” says Head of Programme for the Active Senior Citizens grant area, Frank Ulmer Jørgensen. 

Small grants that can make all the difference

Grants for active senior citizens are wide-ranging and typically cover expenses associated with the activities, e.g. book publishing costs, purchase of spinning bikes, rowing boats and tools, etc.

The applicants may be individuals or smaller groups of senior citizens, who receive a grant for e.g. a new rowboat or a seniors' workshop for repairs of all kinds or for building an observation post for bird watching.

Active senior citizens are an indispensable community resource throughout all of Denmark. Here it is a group of committed seniors from Biecentret Mariagerfjord. Photo: Simon Griis.

Apply for funding all year round

Find information here about our response time.

VELUX FONDEN's Secretariat continuously receives a large number of applications from active senior citizens. We have no deadlines for applications, so you can always submit an application. 

Please note that we distinguish between applications below and over DKK 150,000, as they are evaluated individually.

Applications below DKK 150.000

These applications go through a fast evaluation process.
Response time: 2-4 months

Applications exceeding DKK 150.000

These applications for e.g. renovation projects or larger acquisitions go through an extended evaluation process.
Response time: 2-6 months.

VELUX FONDEN granted a total of DKK 19 million for active senior citizens in 2017

Before you apply - a checklist

When you decide to submit an application, we recommend that you have all required information available before you begin the process.

• Make a short description of the project and the activity
• Make a specified and elaborated budget
• Include the names and ages of the senior citizens, who make a particular active effort in the project as well as a description of their role in the project
• If you apply on behalf of an association, you must include the statutes and the most recent annual report
• Include information about the organisation that would potentially receive the grant payment
• Include information if the applicant has previously received a grant from VELUX FONDEN
• Finally, you must inform us if you have applied for funding elsewhere and the result of this application

Four examples of community volunteerism arranged by active senior citizens

All year round, new activities are being launched locally, in which seniors play an active role and help others with different tasks. Read more here.

Dedicated senior volunteers digitise history and cultural heritage

Danish Food Bank and elderly volunteer drivers is a good cocktail

Integration of refugees in a Frederiksberg neighbourhood

Activity centre refurbished and officially opened at Tinglev

Contact us


Frank Ulmer Jørgensen
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 81 35