VILLUM FONDEN is the primary shareholder in VKR Holding. VELUX FONDEN is a minority shareholder.

Because VILLUM FONDEN is a non-voting shareholder, it is not considered to be a commercial foundation. Nevertheless, VILLUM FONDEN is required by its trust deed to participate in the company’s development and seek to ensure the well-being of its employees.

In particular, VILLUM FONDEN is required to ensure that the board of directors of VKR Holding A/S effectively manages the company, and that it acts in the interest of the company’s long-term health and its reputation as a model company.

The system of having three primary shareholders is the optimal ownership form for the good of the VKR Group, since it contributes to providing sufficient stability and balance in shareholder decision-making.

VILLUM FONDEN owns 90% of the shares in VKR Holding A/S. The shares have limited voting rights.

VKR Holding A/S