FREE TIME: Students and their families should be able to take part in inspiring science-related non-school activities close to where they live.

In order for VILLUM FONDEN to attain our goal of building young people’s science capital, we will focus on three main areas: education, free time and careers. We will amplify the impact of our efforts by sharing what we learn.

By focusing on free time, our aims are:

To make science a natural part of young people’s non-school activities and their family life. To foster a positive attitude in their families and social networks toward science and an awareness of science as a career opportunity.


New and innovative science and technology-related activities that can be incorporated into non-school programmes offered by the public-school system, youth organisations and the private sector. Citizen-science activities for the entire family offered by public and private-sector organisations, research institutes, science centres and the like.

We will open for applications in early 2019.


Children, youth and science

VILLUM FONDEN’s funding for children, youth and science has one main goal: building their science capital.