Think like an engineer – practical problem-solving in general science

General science teachers and pupils in four Danish municipalities (Horsens, Vejle, Holstebro and Lyngby-Taarbæk) will be exploring the applied science of engineering: investigate, hypothesise, test and adjust, in order to find real-world solutions to practical problems.

A solid grounding in science and technology is part of the national curriculum and helps the pupils to gain more opportunities in life, both as critical consumers of technology and later when they come to choose a vocational training or university course.

“Through 'Engineering in Schools' we offer practical resources for general science teachers to enable them to provide problem-based teaching. We hope that this will boost the pupils' interest and literacy in science and technology,” says Ghita Wolf Andreasen, Project Director at Engineer the future.


The project group responsible for the programme is Astra – Centre for learning in Science, Technology and Health in Denmark, House of Natural Sciences, VIA University College and Engineer the future. The capital comes from the foundations VILLUM FONDEN, The Danish Industry Foundation, The Lundbeck Foundation and A.P. Møller Fonden.