Students should be exposed to evidence-based, hands-on, societally relevant teaching.

In order for VILLUM FONDEN to attain our goal of building young people’s science capital, we will focus on three main areas: education, free time and careers. We will amplify the impact of our efforts by sharing what we learn.

By focusing on education, our aims are:

To promote initiatives that motivate students to study science and technology at a high level, to apply what they learn to real-world problems and to form independent opinions about social issues.


Evidence-based, hands-on classroom instruction at the primary and secondary levels. A national training programme for science teachers at all levels. Improved research into science and IT teaching methods.

We are currently not accepting applications for funding for projects related to this grant area. Information about funding, including application information, will be available in early 2019.


Children, youth and science

VILLUM FONDEN’s funding for children, youth and science has one main goal: building their science capital.