Please note, that this programme is currently not open for applications.

VILLUM FONDEN's funding for children, young people and natural sciences has two main purposes; To strengthen schoolchildren's general education within the technical and natural sciences, and to inspire more young people to choose an education within the area.

VILLUM FONDEN aims to contribute to more children and young people gaining knowledge in the scientific concepts and work methods and thereby actively address the societal and ethical issues associated with scientific knowledge.

At the same time, we would like more young people to choose an education within the technical and natural sciences. Choosing an education in the area as a way of life should be a natural opportunity for both girls and boys.

The two purposes are connected. It is in the meeting between science and the everyday life of children and young people that the interest in natural science emerges.

Our vision is a local community where business, culture and education policies collaborate and educational institutions, companies, organisations and parents work together to strengthen curiosity and appetite for science among children and young people.

Focus on collaboration and solutions that work in everyday life

There is a need for high quality and coherence in science education at all levels of the education system and for varied teaching methods where an investigation-based approach seems motivating.

Research also points to the need for science-related issues and stories to be linked to other subjects at school and in everyday life - also after school hours.

We, therefore, see a collaboration between the educational system, the educational institutions and the outside world as a pivotal lever for development and renewal.

Start-up and dialog

The grant area is still under development. We want to make sure that we contribute to future solutions that can be realised in a local context within the general practice of the educational institutions. We aim at creating innovation that works in everyday life.

In the start-up phase, we are in dialogue with many of the participants about the challenges and needs, and we are working on an overview of the ongoing efforts and research in the area.

We expect to complete a strategy in the summer of 2018.

The programme will initially run 5-10 years, and we plan an annual grant level of DKK 50-100 million.

Please note, that this programme is currently not open for applications.

Projects granted

VILLUM FONDEN has previously funded several projects that work in different ways to increase the interest in technology and natural sciences among the youth.

Projects to encourage interest in natural science 

In December 2017, a total of DKK 12m was granted to four projects that will launch several different activities. 

Engineering in schools

A project that will bring engineering into primary school education and help more children and young people achieve technological and scientific insights as part of their general education.


The LEAPS project will be partnering with four local authorities over a period of six years to design an engaging learning method in which science is integrated into all school subjects, while the teaching is project-based and based on applied science. 

Science & Engineering

The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, an independent think-tank, has initiated an ambitious project to direct focus at the significance of science and engineering as the foundation for prosperity in Denmark. 

Big Bang

Big Bang is Denmark's largest science and technology conference and trade fair for everyone who teaches, communicates or conducts research in the technical and natural sciences in primary school, youth education programmes and in further education.

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