VILLUM FONDEN introduces ‘Researchfish’


 ‘Researchfish’ provides an overview of research results

VILLUM FONDEN is now launching the tool ‘Researchfish’ that can help researchers that are required to report data on the results of their research in technical and natural sciences. Several private and public research foundations already use ‘Researchfish’.


VILLUM FONDEN has supported research in the technical and natural science area for more than 45 years. Research that has made a difference on many levels.

The supported researchers have usually submitted an annual report with their most substantial conclusions and findings to the foundation. This is to validate how their research has influenced closer examined areas.

However, a comprehensive and systematic assessment of the impact of the
foundation´s grants has not been possible until now.

 ‘Researchfish’ can provide answers

What is the effects of a special programme? Are we supporting the right researchers?"

Director of science Thomas Sinkjær, VILLUM FONDEN.

Overview and documentation

“By introducing ‘Researchfish’ as a fixed part of the researcher´s reporting, we get a much better overview and documentation of how our grants makes a difference. We also expect that it will make it easier for researchers to report their findings to the foundation”, says Thomas Sinkjær, “it has become even more important because of the upgrade of grants in recent years by private foundations for researchers at Danish universities. At the same time, we will get an important input as how to best organise our programs."

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The social significance of the research

Occasionally there are discussions in the public debate about which research to support. Here the grants from the private foundations for research also play an important role in documenting the public value of the research and the real value to a wider audience.

“We encourage all of our grant recipients to use ‘Researchfish’ and we are looking forward to be able to follow their results more systematically. VILLUM FONDEN strongly supports transparency in research funding and ‘Researchfish’ may be a good tool to gain information about the public significance of the research”, says Thomas Sinkjær.

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