VILLUM FONDEN grants DKK 25 mio. to Ukraine

VILLUM FONDEN has granted a total of DKK 25 mio. to a collaboration between 18 humanitarian aid organisations, including i.a. Red Cross, Amnesty International and Médecins Sans Frontières. The Danish partnership is called 'Sammen for Ukraine' (Together for Ukraine).

”The dreadful situation in Ukraine calls for action. So many innocent lives are affected - and as a foundation working internationally, we in VILLUM FONDEN feel the urge and the obligation to help. Therefore, we have granted DKK 25 mio. to an association of 18 well-established organisations, brought together by their common focus on social and humanitarian aid - and with each their ability to support where it is most needed”, says Jens Kann-Rasmussen, Chair of VILLUM FONDEN.

The raised funds are distributed among the organisations under 'Sammen for Ukraine' according to a distribution key - 1/3 is equally distributed, and 2/3 is distributed according to the organisations' ability to raise money themselves.

Lars Hansen
Executive Director, VILLUM FONDEN
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MSc in Engineering (DTU), HD (CBS), MA (New York University).

Lars Hansen has more than 20 years experience with business and management from Novo Nordisk and Novozymes in Denmark and internationally. Since 2014 employed as Executive Director of VILLUM FONDEN.

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  • Board member of Aquaporin A / S