VELUX FONDEN supports new large-scale project with vulnerable young people.

The project ”Prepare Yourself” will develop and test new initiatives that will prepare young people for the ups and downs of life.

At AFUK (Academy For Untamed Creativity) there is no doubt what is at stake for young people. Some of them do not have a social network with support from family and friends, they have nowhere to go with their worries, nobody to recognize, support and guide them. Some have already experienced defeat in the educational system and have lost their enthusiasm and courage to further educate themselves. Some of them are confused, they might live through a crisis and they may feel that they have lost their way. This is happening everywhere in and outside of educational institutions in Denmark.

The Project “Prepare Yourself” will be focusing on three new subjects that will be working with their courage and empathy and their ability to manage their moods and energy levels. It is rehearsal to cope with failure, in order to strengthen oneself and to mobilise renewed enthusiasm. It is to understand others, in order to be able to co-operate and to contribute in a positive manner to social relations with others. It is about not to give up, when they experience that they are responsible for their own well-being. The project will be dealing with empowerment, initiative, self-awareness and realization of own qualities, boundaries and resources. These important elements should be seen as a basic fundament that will enhance opportunities to create a good life for themselves.

Furthermore the project will provide a physical “playing path” that runs through AFUKs 4000 m2 large house – inspiring physical exercise. Support has also been provided for an “Acute Pool”, enabling AFUK to offer overnight stays, psychological counselling etc., like e.g. assistance to find a new home, food-shopping etc.

With the grant from VELUX FONDEN (as part of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS) it will be possible to develop, evaluate and document the results of these new initiatives. The new initiatives are based on 30 years of experience in AFUK, and part of the project will be about collecting data and developing a methodology around AFUK’s practical experience. The results will be used and communicated by developing a game for the young people and a dogma to provide a secession from the daily routines and norms. Furthermore the project will be working with research and evaluation to inspire partners and others who are working with prevention of social polarization and with improvement of the general life situation for young people.

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For further information, please contact: Project Manager Stine Skot

Photos: Andreas Bergmann