Restoration of six new stone reefs in Als

A double-digit million grant gives a big boost to the work on the reefs at Als.

VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN has secured the work to restore the natural stone reefs around Als with a donation of nearly DKK 10.4 million.

This will allow a restoration of six stone reefs in places where such reefs previously existed. In addition, the donation makes it possible to conduct follow-up research on the impact of the project to the marine environment, as it includes expenses for communication and information.

Creating a reef for dissemination

There will be five reefs located in the waters around Als and a shallow reef for dissemination placed at Sønderborg Beach. This will give schoolchildren, students and tourists the opportunity to dive at a reef, experience it firsthand and discover what it means for the nature and the environment of the waters.

In addition to the grant from VELUX FONDEN and VILLUM FONDEN, an additional DKK 100,000 from BHJ Foundation has been granted for the establishment of the reef for dissemination.


"With this donation we take a giant step forward with our work on the reefs here in Sønderborg", says Deputy Mayor of Sønderborg, Aase Nyegaard.

"It is a huge recognition from the two foundations, but it is also a confirmation of how important it is to restore the natural reefs in the waters around Denmark. Reefs give life to the waters and will be a great joy for everyone in the area", says Aase Nyegaard.

Mogens Dall, LandboSyd explains that the project will create many winners and no losers, "reefs create plant growth in the ocean, and plants producing oxygen will ensure that nitrogen from the sea is not released. Reef projects are an asset to the entire city and the region and the donation is a significant recognition of a large volunteer effort".