Project “Plastic-free Sea” is well underway

At the beginning of the year, the project “Plastic free-Sea” received 8,9 million DKK from VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN. Behind the project are the two NGOs Plastic Change and the Ecological Council as well as the trade association The Danish Plastics Federation.

The aim of the project “Plastic free-Sea” is to implement various measures to examine and reduce plastic pollution in the sea in Denmark. The project launched a series of films this summer with interviews with some of the main participants in the various sub-projects. You can watch some of the films here.

The bench and the bin

1,000 tons of plastic is annually washes up on the coasts of the North Sea. The project pays tribute to the cleanup efforts of thousands of volunteers while putting the spotlight on the problem of plastic pollution and the great recycling value of plastic. The plastic is sorted and made ​​into benches and bins set out in the coastal municipalities as symbols showing that we must not lose plastic to the oceans, and the fact that plastic has a great recycling potential. Primary partners in the project are KIMO, KRADS, Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S and Dansk Rotations Plastic ApS.

Film courtesy of Platstic Change.

Beat the Microbead - from app to dialog

A scrub cream can easily contain up to 400,000 pieces of micro-plastic, deliberately added although there are natural alternatives. The project publishes a Danish-based app that guides consumers away from the cosmetics containing micro-plastics. At the same time, a campaign will provide political input to the debate on the use of micro-plastic in care products. The goal is to ban the use of micro-plastics in cosmetic products as in the United States. The first intermediate aim is to influence the Danish government to ensure that the EU implements such a law. Plastic Soup Foundation, which is behind the development of the original app “Beat the microbead” is partner in the project.

Film courtesy of Platstic Change.

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