New project will develop sustainable fishing

The project will develop a sustainable fishing community to show how to take joint responsibility for conversion to a sustainable use of the rich natural area in Skagerrak. In practice, the project will develop four ways of thinking in sustainability - social, environmental, cultural and economic to develop and expand sustainable use of marine resources.

Foreningen Han Herred Havbåde in Slettestrand, Jammerbugt municipality has received a grant of 8 million DKK from VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN for the project 'Jammerbugt in balance'.

The project will help coordinate the value chain, from building new fishing boats, landing and processing, labeling, distributing and selling fish for the consumers' dinner table. The partnership focuses on creating mortgage-like conditions for the financing of new boats. This will create better conditions for young people and promote an exchange of experience with other fishermen in both Denmark and abroad and enable sustainable sea fishing among young people.

The project will be carried out by a partnership of social enterprises in the region consisting of Han Herred Havbåde, Thorupstrand Thorupstrand Spil- og Fiskeriforening, Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug, Thorupstrand Fiskercompagni,   Jammerbugt Kommune and Klim Sparekasse.

DTU Aqua will be consultants on the part of the project that deals with the biological evidence of different seabeds, and of what happens when fishing takes place in different areas of Skagerrak. Photographer Jan-Robert Jore from Norway will follow the project and make movies.

A central part of the project is to illustrate what you do not normally see; life underwater. The project will establish Center for bæredygtige livsformer under the auspices of Han Herred Havbåde.


Further information

Project manager Kirsten Monrad Hansen, Han Herred Havbåde

Phone: +45 20700870