New member of the board of VELUX FONDEN

1 August 2018

Erik Michael Darre joins the board of VELUX FONDEN

At the annual board meeting on 19 June 2018, the board of VELUX FONDEN elected Erik Michael Darre as their new member.

Erik Michael Darre (B. 1953) is a Surgeon General, former Chief of the Danish Defence Health Service and a specialist in orthopedic surgery.

He received his diploma of doctor of medicine at the University of Copenhagen (1978/79). In 1988 he left the established health care system and his position as senior registrar in orthopedic surgery for a position as Surgeon General in the military. Erik Michael Darre continued his medical career and was appointed Surgeon General and Chief of the Danish Defence Health service in 2006. After his retirement from the military, Erik Darre was head of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Rigshospitalet (2013-2017).

Erik Michael Darre is the new member of the board of VELUX FONDEN.

"We are pleased to welcome Erik Darre to the board of VELUX FONDEN. We have high expectations for our collaboration and appreciate the opportunity to benefit from his professional expertise and comprehensive experience from a medical as well as a human perspective," says Chair of the board, Hans Kann Rasmussen.

"I am very excited to contribute to the work of the board of VELUX FONDEN. The broad focuses on scientific, cultural, social and environmental projects and aims to promote the democratic society of Denmark on an enlightened, inclusive and sustainable basis. I find this very interesting and suitable for my personal and professional background," says Erik Darre.

Erik Darre's career

Today Erik Darre is chair of Støtteforeningen for Militærmedicinsk Samling (Chair of the Friends of the Military Medicine Society) and a member of the Board of Representatives for The Organization of Danish Medical Societies (LVS). Throughout his career, he has held many positions – e.g. Chair of the Danish Military Sports Federation and Chair of the Danish Association of Sports Medicine. In addition, he has participated in the Danish Research Committee for Emergency Medicine and he was chair of the Special Interest Group for Emergency Management under the National Medical Team of the Danish Red Cross. Furthermore, he sat on the committee of The International Red Cross and on the Board of Representatives for NOC and the Danish Sports Confederation.

In 2012, Erik Darre received the World Veterans Federation Rehabilitation Prize, and in 2013 he received the honorary award from the Sports Association of Denmark.

Special thanks to Kamilla Kann Rasmussen

Kamilla Kann Rasmussen resigned from the board of VELUX FONDEN at the annual board meeting in 2018. Kamilla Kann Rasmussen has been member of the board since 2008. However, the foundation will not completely lose her as she continues her work as an external member of  the working group for the Social Programmes, Denmark.

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