New grant area: Children, youth and science


VILLUM FONDEN was founded in 1971 and has since then funded science and technology research as a core area, primarily through grants for researchers at Danish universities.

We have now decided to expand our focus within science and technology with the new grant area ”Children, young people and natural science.”

The new grant area will focus on increasing children and young people´s interest and competence in science and technology. The initiative will strengthen general education within science and technology, which enables children and young people to relate critically and creatively to knowledge and the development in the Danish society. This will, among other things, furthermore ensure continued growth and prosperity in Denmark based on qualified labor with scientific and technological expertise.

Initially, the effort will run for 5-10 years with an annual grant level of DKK 50-100 million.

A unique opportunity and a long work process with many participants

VILLUM FONDEN is a non-profit, private charitable foundation and can as such complement public and private participants in the field, and have special opportunities to contribute to the solutions.

The ambition level of our new grant area is high and the solutions are complex. Therefore, it is necessary that we are persistent over a long period while we are being flexible and adaptable in developing the area. Development and implementation of the new grant area will be in collaboration with several private and public participants.


For further information, please contact:
Lars Hansen
Executive Director, VILLUM FONDEN
+ 45 24 61 10 50



MSc in Engineering, HD, MA at New York University

Lars Hansen has more than 20 years experience with business and management from Novo Nordisk and Novozymes in Denmark and internationally. Since 2014 employed as Executive Director of VILLUM FONDEN.

Other boards, etc.:

  • Chair of the board of directors of the Knowledge Center for Danish Foundations
  • Board member of Aquaporin A / S