Marie Louise Bech Nosch is the new member of the board of VELUX FONDEN

Professor and Head of Center, Marie Louise Bech Nosch (born 1970), has joined VELUX FONDEN's Board of Directors. She succeeds former Vice Chairman, Marianne Zibrantzen, who retires after 10 years on the board in compliance with the statutes of the trust deed.

Marie Louise Bech Nosch is a historian, specialized in ancient Greek history. She studied in France and Italy and received her Ph.D. from Universität Salzburg, She is professor MSO and Head of Center at the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre for Textile Research, Saxo Institute at Copenhagen University.

Marie Louise Bech Nosch, “I am looking forward to participating in the important work of VELUX FONDEN. The Foundation is known for an extremely ambitious and innovative profile in human sciences, and I hope to be a support for the board”.

Director of VELUX FONDEN, Ane Hendriksen, “Marie Louise Bech Nosch´s research experience will contribute to the competence of the board of VELUX FONDEN, whitin the grant areas: active senior citizens, gerontology and geriatrics, ophthalmology, human sciences, cultural, social, environmental and sustainable projects in Denmark”.

VELUX FONDEN's Board also consists of Hans Kann Rasmussen (Chairman), Minik Rosing (Vice Chairman), Jens Oddershede, Kamilla Kann Rasmussen and Kristian Kann Rasmussen (observer).

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