LivaRehab will prevent grey area prostitution

A two-year project will prevent grey area prostitution among disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people living in residential institutions in southern Zealand. VELUX FONDEN has supported the project with 4 million DKK.

LivaRehab was established in 2011 and aims to create a holistic and interdisciplinary treatment for people damaged from prostitution, violence or sexual abuse. LivaRehab helps more than 130 women, men and transgenders annually.

LivaRehab helps people who have had lived a hard life with prostitution, violence and sexual abuse. In recent years, the center has also worked on prevention of grey area prostitution among vulnerable young people.

Director Flora Ghosh, LivaRehab says, "In 2014 we asked the residential institutions about their knowledge on prevention of the grey area prostitution among children and young people. The study showed that a large majority of the teaching staff wish to have more knowledge and tools to prevent grey area prostitution in order to avoid that the residents become even more vulnerable.” 

"We are therefore pleased that VELUX FONDEN has granted us the support to prevent the problem in about 50 residential institutions in South Zealand. We are grateful because the project will work to reduce and to prevent the negative consequences of grey area prostitution, so that the children and young people do not end up in prostitution and further marginalization in their adult life."

Director, Ane Hendriksen, VELUX FONDEN says, "VELUX FONDEN hopes that this project will provide the teaching methods and tools in demand among employees at the country's residential institutions, thus preventing prostitution and marginalization among young people."

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CEO Flora Ghosh, LivaRehab

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