At last a non-fiction book for children about bullying

Save the Children has relased one of the first non-fiction books in the world about bullying for children. The book is an ABC on bullying called “Mobningens ABC” based on the knowledge of Helle Rabøl Hansen, bullying researcher. The book is about bullying and includes cases from real life. The training material is aimed at children in 3rd-6th class and will consist of four short stories in addition to the professional text. The short stories are written by Renée Simonsen and in addition to the stories are four short films produced by Chroma Film available online.

When does teasing become bullying? Am I also a bully if I am just a spectator? Why bully anyone at all? Is it worse to be bullied on the phone than face-to-face? What are the consequences for a person that is being bullied?

It has previously been difficult for kids to look for the answers to these questions in a textbook. However, it is possible now, as Save the Children has released “Mobningens ABC”, which is one of the first books on bullying for children and adolescents. “Mobningens ABC” is aimed at children in 3rd-6th class, but both younger and older children and adults may benefit from the book.

Jon K. Lange, anti-bullying consultant for Save the Children is happy that finally there is a non-fiction book about bullying for children. For although bullying has been in focus among e.g. researchers and politicians, it has not been give the attention that is needed among the children.

“It is very important that the children now have their own book about bullying, so teachers and the children can work professionally with it in the schools. In this way we are telling the children that it is not only important to learn about numbers, languages, countries and letters, but also important to learn about bullying. The book offers the children tools to prevent and combat bulling. We need to draw great attention to this problem for although much has been done to stop bullying, it has not been enough. However we now raise the bet to the next level with this textbook”, says Jon K. Lange.

Photos: Andreas Bergmann (AFUK)

Real life stories about bullying

“Mobningens ABC” is based on the research by bullying researcher Helle Rabøl. In addition to her professional text, the book also contains four short stories written by Renée Simonsen and four short films produced by Chroma Film that are available online. The stories and the films are based on stories from real life. Included in the free material is also assignments and a guide for teachers and educators.

The short stories as well as the short film illustrates how bullying can rise from widely different emotions such as boredom, fear of exclusion and loneliness. Children between 9 and 13 years old have continuous commented and fine-tuned the material, and the hope is now that many of their peers will benefit from the book.

 “I hope that “Mobningens ABC” will give the children a common language to talk about bullying and the tools to do something if they identify the problem. Many children do not have the tools to prevent and stop bullying, but I hope that our new teaching material will help them stop bullying in the future”, says Jon K. Lange.

“Mobningens ABC” is supported by VELUX FONDEN, The Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality and Kronprins Frederiks og Kronprinsesse Marys Fond.