Large project for the benefit of Denmark's inshore fishermen

Foreningen for Skånsomt Kystfiskeri has along with among others Fiskerikajen and WWF received a grant from VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN to implement a major project for the benefit of all of Denmark´s inshore fishermen. The project will run until to 2019.

This is a new and unique partnership across sectors. The partnership will work for better logistics and a better price for the inshore fishermen’s catch. Furthermore is will ensure greater political influence as well as convey the nature and the environmental benefits of the sustainable inshore fishing. The practical part of the project begins at Lolland with plans for upscaling throughout Denmark.

"We are very happy to receive this grant for our work for the Danish inshore fishermen. This will give us a push both political and practical to ensure that the inshore fishermen can work and getter a better price for their catch”, says Max Christensen, chairman for Foreningen til Skånsomt Kystfiskeri.

Today the inshore fishermen sell their fish at too low a price. They are unable to use the growth opportunities openly due to poor logistics, poor commercialization of the sustainable inshore fishing benefits for nature and a disjointed supply chain.
Calculations carried out by Fiskerikajen and Langø Fiskeriforening show that fishermen on Sjælland and Lolland Falster can reduce their costs by 20% while adding a value of 4 DKK per kg. fish. The fish has to be processed locally and the traceability of the products must be maintained throughout the supply chain. Sustainable fish from Langø sell at a much higher price at Fiskerikajen and at restaurants in Copenhagen because of a sharp sustainability profile and a better quality.

It is the good results from Langø, that WWF wish could benefit all Danish inshore fishermen.

Foreningen for Skånsomt Kystfiskeri is nationwide and represent the inshore fishermen, who fish sustainably. They represent large and small, from the members in Langø in the southeast, to the members in Thorupstrand in the north.

Marine biologist Hanne Lyng Winter has been employed to help the project.

Further information

Max Christensen, President of Foreningen for Skånsomt Kystfiskeri +45 30 51 05 03