The Knowledge Centre for Danish Foundations has appointed Head of Secretariat

16 April 2018

Hanne Elisabeth Rasmussen joined the Knowledge Centre for Danish Foundations as Head of Secretariat on 15 May 2018

”We are very pleased to welcome Hanne Rasmussen as Head of the Secretariat at our new knowledge centre. We now begin the next phase of our work that will result in specific strategies and activities. Considering Hanne Rasmussen's extensive experience from sectors and organisations, we are confident that she is the right person to organise and develop an effective centre. We are very excited that Hanne has chosen to take on this task," says Lars Hansen, Chair of the centre and Executive Director of VILLUM FONDEN.

"I look very much forward to heading the Knowledge Centre for Foundations in Denmark. For a long time, I have felt that the sector of Danish foundations has been underexposed. Therefore, the task of increasing broader knowledge of the sector as well as supporting the development of experience sharing across the Danish foundations seems very relevant and exciting. The overall framework has been defined and now an exciting task lies ahead of me," says Hanne Rasmussen.

Hanne Rasmussen will have the overall responsibility for establishing the Secretariat. She is to develop and implement its strategy as well as provide ongoing services to the members of the centre. Hanne Rasmussen has a background in foundations and large philanthropic organisations, including previous position as Deputy Director of UNICEF Denmark and COO of SOS Kinderhoff International. Most recently she has served as CEO of the Lego Foundation.

Hanne Rasmussen holds an MBA from Henley Business School. She is 49 and lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two sons.

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Facts about the Knowledge Centre for Foundations in Denmark

In December 2017, 34 of Denmark's largest foundations came together to establish a new knowledge centre. The aim is to increase the level of information about the Danish foundations' work, framework conditions and importance to society. In addition, the centre will raise public awareness of the Danish foundations and their activities, as well as disseminate new research findings on topics relevant to foundations. The Knowledge Centre for Danish Foundations will also increase member's level of information on current relevant topics as well as support knowledge sharing between the foundations and boost collaboration.

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