Holmstrupgaard has received a donation from VELUX FONDEN

Holmstrupgaard in Brabrand, Jutland are helping young people to stand on their own feet.

The social psychiatric institution Holmstrupgaard in Brabrand, Jutland has received a donation of DKK 764,700 from VELUX FONDEN for the project Holmstrupgaard Volunteer Network. The purpose of the project is to help young people affiliated with Holmstrupgaard that are either moving from the institution, or are going to live in one of the transition homes in the area. The focal point for the project is the Volunteer House situated in Brabrand´s housing association. The cooperation with the housing association began almost two years ago and the houses offer a staging point for young people who are about to stand on their own feet.

The grant from the VELUX FONDEN will be invested in, among other things; a coordinator to supervise various projects, where contact between the locals and the adolescents is facilitated. The intention is that the volunteers in the local community can act as 'role models' helping young people, who have moved from Holmstrupgaard and are living in transition homes to rely on their own skills.

The young people who live on Holmstrupgaard and in the transitional homes are usually talented young people between 16-23 years, but living with a psychiatric diagnosis such as schizophrenia, personality disorders, development and attention disorders and OCD.