Fresh air and light in rural and urban areas

Twenty large and small-scale original projects will receive grants totalling DKK 20 million to bring more fresh air and light to everyday life.

In Central Jutland, oysters, stones and bones will be used as musical instruments when ancient soundscapes are explored in the Out with the Music project. And in the Æblehaven residential area in Roskilde, the residents will establish a communal area with ping pong tables and shelter, to strengthen unity and cooperation between children and young people from the residential areas and the local associations and recreational activities.

With the funding under VILLUM FONDEN’s announcement Daylight and fresh air 2021, projects all over Denmark with ingenuity and commitment will bring our indoor life and activities outdoors with nature’s light and air as the focal point.

“These are big and small moments and activities in everyday life and the projects receiving grants will bring more light and air when the many good project ideas are realised” says head of programme at VILLUM FONDEN, Signe Staubo Sørensen.

VILLUM FONDEN will accept applications once again at the beginning of 2022. Keep an eye on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and here on the website where the pool will be announced. 


Hadsund Roklub – acquisition of rowing boat

The project concerns the purchase of the "Coastal – double" boat type, which is lighter than other types of boat and thus ideal for the rowing club's members in the 65+ age group, giving them optimised opportunities for outdoor life and activity.

Daytime exercise – What we can do indoors, we can also do outdoors

The project includes the construction of outdoor exercise facilities with rubberised flooring which makes it safe to train and move for both young and old, who can thus continue the healthy outdoor exercise routines they became used to during the COVID19 shutdown.

Ry College — Project U

The project involves a protective cover over the school's outdoor space; including ‘Solgården’, which is centrally connected to several of the school's classrooms.

The schoolyard is the venue for workshop activities such as a wood workshop and cooking, and often the schoolyard is also used for outdoor communal dining and other social activities.

Åvangsskolen and the Green island project – green education and outdoor learning

The project concerns the construction of an orangery, which is part of the establishment of a green outdoor and learning environment in the form of garden, play and learning areas. The overall project will strengthen the work on green education and outdoor learning for children and young people at Åvangsskolen on Bornholm.

Ears Wide Open – Out with the Music

The grant has been given to the Out with the Music project, which includes support for the preparation of teaching materials based on experiences from a number of experimental workshops held at Museum Midtjylland/Klosterlund Museet and Vesthimmerlands Museum/Ertebøllecentret. The project is a collaboration between a music anthropologist and the two archaeological museums, nature centres around the country, the Danish Hunters' Association, representatives of the world of education and musicians.

The project explores the common knowledge about the sound of antiquity, and subsequently, based on experience, a set of teaching materials is prepared, which is passed on to schools and teachers so that the best experiences from the project can help support relevant outdoor teaching in practical musical subjects and cultural subjects.

Naturcenter Amager Strand – Daylight and fresh air for associations, schools and day care

The associations of Naturcenter Amager Strand and Den Blå Foreningsby are located side by side at the north end of Amager Strandpark, where teaching activities, activities for beach guests and families with children and a rich association life with activities on land and in Øresund unfold all year round.

The project includes the installation of three window sections including doors in the associations' existing building on the beach that will make it far more functional for the site's many users throughout all the seasons.

Lavringe Jord

During this two-year pilot project, the association Lavringe Jord will develop and carry out a number of inclusive, guided nature activities for small groups of participants in the scenic Lavringe Jord at Lejre. Activities will include growing vegetables, collecting and germinating seeds, gathering herbs, preparing outdoor meals made from seasonal local produce, as well as staying overnight in shelters and applying for funding to establish the necessary framework – including funding for instructors, local food, shelters and campfire sites. 

The association Skibet Makerspace – the Space for outdoor life project at Skibet Makerspace

The project deals with the establishment of facilities with an outdoor kitchen and covered living area in a local citizens’ association's garden.

The citizen-driven association will create opportunities for creative and artisanal development and support good opportunities for a social meeting place in the town of Skibet and the surrounding area.

Brain-friendly daylight and fresh air

Behind the project are a brain researcher as well as an author, lecturer and management consultant, both of whom focus on how we organise our working lives in a brain-friendly manner. The project owners have themselves been affected by the long-terms effects of concussion, and both have had to rethink their working lives as a result. One of the things that works best is to get out in the open during the working day. This could be a meeting that turns into a walk and talk, coffee with a colleague taken out under the sun, or simply a walk in silence, where the eyes are allowed to rest on nature and the body gets moving.

The project will create awareness of light and fresh air as a beneficial break for the brain. The Concussion Association will participate with ideas, dissemination, etc.

Boligselskabet Sjælland/Boligsocial Helhedsplan i Roskilde – New opportunities in Æblehaven/Rønnebærparken – new activities and outdoor community

The project, which will be established in the Æblehaven building, will include outdoor rooms and ping-pong tables in a common area in the building, for the benefit of the local residents and outdoor life in the common areas.

The social housing secretariat works closely with the local club and association to build a bridge between children and young people from the residential areas and the local association and leisure life – including collaboration with Roskilde Table Tennis.

Aktiv Staby Association- Søtoften 's sustainable meeting house – Daylight and community for everyone in the village

Søtoften's sustainable meeting house will bring local citizens and citizens from neighbouring municipalities closer together, by building a lively community centre. And as far as possible, the building will utilise recycled materials that they will collect themselves. The new meeting house will be part of a larger pilot project, which the group calls Sustainable Village, where many sustainable initiatives will be communicated.

DGI East Jutland – More outdoor activities for children and young people

Two local sports clubs, in collaboration with DGI, will create outdoor activities and purchase outdoor sports equipment as well as build small-scale facilities; skate ramps, parkour trails, archery ranges and sand courts. They will also purchase equipment for family exercise in the open air, to get children in the local areas out into nature and get them moving – which they had become so good at during the COVID19 shutdown.


Herlufsholm School and Estate – Outdoor space at Spladsen

The project deals with the establishment of a covered outdoor space. With four large awnings, the outdoor space is shielded from the sun and rain, paving will be laid and the area will be furnished with movable tables and bench sets, so that more activities and the school's teaching can be moved outdoors.

Tårnby Municipality – Tårnby School Botanical Garden

The project deals with the restoration and further development of the older Tårnby School Botanical Garden, to create a modern, outdoor teaching garden and meeting place with a focus on biodiversity and dissemination of flora and fauna, so that the School Botanical Garden can once again become a place for activities, learning and socialising.

Skjoldungernes Land National Park – Blue Classrooms

The project concerns the development of three outdoor "Blue classrooms", which offer facilities that support outdoor teaching and/or a full-day trip to the landscape/park. Skjoldungernes Land National Park offers a varied landscape rich in fjord nature, history and experiences, and aims, among other things, to strengthen outdoor life, teaching and the dissemination of natural, landscape and cultural-historical values.

Experiences from the project will be used in the new and existing national park classrooms, and will also be shared with the other Danish national parks and through the network of "blue" national parks in the Nordic region. Blue Classrooms aim to elevate students' science education and historical awareness by inviting students to explore their own nature, landscape and history.

Silkeborg Municipality – Nyløkke

The project deals with the development of a multifunctional house; an external outdoor school room, which is filled with activity from morning to evening all year round. The outdoor school room will also have a number of functions for other target groups than school classes, and Nyløkke will thus also be used by nearby associations as a kind of clubhouse and a starting point for association activities and communities in nature. The house is furnished in a former gamekeeper’s home, located in a varied and forest area close to town, and is a collaborative project between the Danish Nature Agency and Silkeborg Municipality.

Silkeborg Folk High School – Treetop

The project concerns the construction of the "Treetop"; a new and different outdoor teaching room, meeting platform and accommodation facility at Silkeborg University College.

The "treetop" will rise above the forest floor and bring its users to eye level with the forest birch tree crowns. It is organised as a platform with 5 connected alcoves, each extending between the trees of the forest. The spaces between the alcoves and the design of these ensure that there are views of the forest everywhere on the plateau.

Treetop will create a different teaching room and conversation room, where you get closer to nature and create space for different conversations. Treetop can also be used by scouts in the area who would be able to conduct activities here and spend the night in the alcoves.

Skovvang School – Interdisciplinary outdoor environment

At Skovvangsskolen, Aarhus, the school's outdoor space will be upgraded to a teaching and living space. The project will create a learning environment that brings different subjects and activities closer together, in order to appeal to a higher degree of interdisciplinarity. The outdoor project area includes the theme room for Crafts and Design, a newly established Nature and Technology and food science facility. The goal is for the new common outdoor environment to become a catalyst for a new level of interdisciplinarity between these subjects.

The project creates an outdoor environment that houses common facilities that support the various specialist facilities; including a range of good workplaces for working with wood, blacksmithing, nature and technology productions, outdoor cooking, etc.

The goal is for the students to be out in the daylight, and for the outdoor environment to give the students a school day with a high degree of interdisciplinarity, movement and fresh air, which creates variation in the students' school day, in order to strengthen the students' motivation.

Muskelsvindfonden/Center Musholm – Outdoor life – with room for differences

Muskelsvindfonden and Center Musholm will establish new user-friendly outdoor facilities at the centre – including a living and bathing bridge on the public beach, conversion of a bathhouse, sauna and changing facilities as well as the establishment of an outdoor kitchen adapted for the disabled.

Musholm accommodates holiday homes, and has a restaurant, multi-purpose hall and gym, and is fully accessible for people with disabilities.

The newly decorated outdoor areas can also be used by guests who do not live on Musholm. The target group is therefore people with and without disabilities and their relatives and families who want to spend a day outdoors without having to think about accessibility issues.

Frederiksborg Gymnasium & HF/byskole – Outdoor Workspace and Stair Tower

Frederiksborg Gymnasium and HF will establish two outdoor workspaces and a stair tower. The stair tower will connect the school's upcoming green transition workshop with the school's existing roof terrace. The establishment of the two outdoor workspaces and the stair tower connected to the upcoming transition workshop will help bring nature into teaching by creating new innovative frameworks within which teaching can unfold.

The outdoor workspaces and the stair tower, along with the school's new transition workshop, will also manifest that the transition process has a high priority at Frederiksborg Gymnasium and HF, where a green transition process is underway on many other levels.

Signe Staubo Sørensen
Senior Adviser, Head of Programme, Event Coordinator, VILLUM FONDEN
+ 45 24 44 10 50