Five local projects for a healthier marine environment

7 August 2018

VELUX FONDEN has granted DKK 4.6 million to support five local project across the country that will protect the coastline, ensure a healthier marine environment and create awareness of the life below the surface of the sea.

With the grants from VELUX FONDEN local capacities in Svendborg, Voersaa, Hundested, Odder and on Fanoe have the opportunity to make a difference for the marine environment in local waters and fjords.

Five various activities in the above-mentioned areas have received grants for a total of DKK 4.6 million from the foundation’s funds for local marine projects. The activities will focus on creating awareness of the sea, reestablish reefs, reestablish fjords and stop littering the sea. Read more about the projects below.

Together with an external panel of peers the foundation has assessed the applications for this call based on environmental effect, innovation, level of ambition, cooperation partners and potential for upscaling.

The five projects
Fish close-up, Svendborg

Grant: DKK 1 million

The project will focus on local Danish fish species via a photo exhibition of international class.
Contact: Thomas Bjørnboe Berg, ph.d., senior researcher, leader of Samling og Udstilling, Naturama.

Reestablishment of zostera beds and reefs at Asaa Rende by Voersaa, Vendsyssel and establishment of marine reserve

Voersaa Borgerforening
Grant: DKK 1 million

The project will reestablish a reef and zostera beds at Asaa Rende in the north-western Kattegat.
Contact: Bjarke Laubek, chair, Voersaa Borgerforening

Stone Reef - the coastal playground and kitchen garden

Hunderevets Venner
Grant: DKK 1 million

This project will establish a minor reef which will be used for communication, education/training, maritime kitchen garden, an exiting experience and test stone reefs as coastal protection.
Contact: Frank Eske-Lund, chair, Hunderevets Venner

Prospecting restoring and recovery of Kysing Fiord

Odder Municipality
Grant: DKK 662,500

Prospecting to identify ways to restore and recover Kysing Fjord.
Contact: Steen Terkildsen, Odder Municipality

Clean sea at Fanoe

Ren Strand Fanoe Stoetteforening
Grant: DKK 980,000

The project will stop litter form being dumped in the sea and on the beach on Fanoe through mediation to beach visitors and contact to those who create the litter.
Conact: Peter Brinch Michélsen, project leader

Five-year focus on a Danish marine environment in balance

The funds for local activities are part of VELUX FONDEN’s five-year focus on the Danish marine environment. The foundation also supports increased awareness of the sea, increased knowledge and major transition initiatives.

VELUX FONDEN has allocated DKK 50 million each year to the Danish marine environment for a period of 5 years.

Environment – focusing on Danish sea areas

VELUX FONDEN wishes to contribute to a sustainable balance between the use and the conservation of marine resources.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Mikkel Klougart
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 23 28 36 74