The Employee Foundation offer support when life is difficult.

On occasion of the 75th anniversary of the VKR Group the major shareholder, VILLUM FONDEN decided to donate DKK 75 million as a gift to the Employee Foundation. Read about the foundation’s work here.

The purpose of the gift is to enable the Employee Foundation to provide a helping hand to employees and their immediate family in times of distress. 

Mobility aids for the handicapped, rehabilitation training after disease, help to cope with involuntary childlessness, scholarships for children and local activities such as sports clubs, clowns in pediatric wards and orchestras. The scope of support is wide, and the donations are received with a huge amount of gratitude.

Gitte Hemmingsen, Chief of Secretariat of The Employee Foundation, says:  – The Employee Foundation will be able to offer support when life is difficult.

​​​During the past 25 years, more than 3,100 employees and their immediate family have received donations in connection with disease, accidents or to childrens’ further education. During the same period, more than 1,500 very different local projects have received support from the Employee Foundation.

The Board of the Employee Foundation. from left: Hanne Raun, Joan Ørbæk Hansen, Bjarne Gråbæk Thomsen, Lidia Mikolajczyk, Peter Nygaard, Stig W. Jensen, Michel Langrand, Massimo Buccilli and Gitte Hemmingsen

Record in educational grants

In 2015, the Employee Foundation donated approx. EUR 980,000 which is the largest amount in the Employee Foundation’s history. The amount broke down into just over 400 grants. The majority of grants related to unfortunate situations.

Throughout the year, the focus has been on educational grants for children of employees, meaning that the amount for educational purposes was 50% higher than the year before.

Gitte Hemmingsen says: As a foundation, we are duly aware that education is of paramount importance for the individual as well as for society. It is our hope that these contributions can help the children of our employees on their way to gaining a place in the labour market.

A gift on the occasion of the anniversary of the VKR Group

The celebration of the 75th anniversary of the VKR Group also came to benefit of the Employee Foundation in the form of a gift of 75 million DKK from the VILLUM.

It is a gift for all employees of the VKR Group, says Gitte Hemmingsen, the employees are the reason of being for the foundation. The more capital, the better our ability to support where necessary.

The generous gift enables the Employee Foundation to keep up the usual level of donations in 2016, and in addition to this, the foundation has decided to launch a competition for extra grants, in celebration of the anniversary.

Anniversary competition

Not only do we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the VKR Group, we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Employee Foundation. On this occasion, we have decided to present 3-5 special grants to local projects, each amounting to a maximum of 150,000 DKK.

We encourage all employees to identify a special project in their local community, Gitte Hemmingsen says, – all you need to do is to take contact to your local nomination committee, who will be coordinating the applications and passing them on for evaluation with the board of the Employee Foundation.

A highly eligible project should benefit a majority of individuals in the local community, include active employee involvement, benefit vulnerable groups in the community, involve light and fresh air, or possess innovative qualities that would be inspirational to others.

We hope to receive applications for a number of interesting projects that will mark our anniversary – but more importantly – that will make a positive difference within the communities, Gitte Hemmingsen says.

How to apply

Examples of grants:

Virág Vigh, daughther of an employee from LKR-Hungary, treatment of an innate cleft palate.

Daniel O’Shea, son of a V-USA employee, scholarship for studies at Stanford University.

Eintracht Norderstedt von 2003 e.V.: footballs

Holmsland Friluftslaug: Kayaks

Swimming Club ”Kontra Gniezno”: Sports equipment for swimming

About the Employee Foundation

The Employee Foundation for the VKR Group was founded in 1991. The foundation has three major purposes:

To support employees and their immediate family in times of distress and in connection with disease, accidents or childrens’ further education. The majority of funds goes to this purpose.

The second purpose is to support local nonprofit projects within a close radius of the VKR Group’s locations

The third purpose is to annually present the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award to a selection of employees who in their exceptional personal achievements have far exceeded expectations. The awardees are selected based on qualities that exemplify Villum Kann Rasmussen’s Model Company Objective.