Dormitory has reemerged in vibrant colours

The dormitory 4. Maj Kollegiet on Frederiksberg was built in 1951 for the children of the freedom fighters. Now, the listed building has reemerged after a thorough renovation.

Since the completion of the dormitory 4. Maj Kollegiet in 1951, it´s bold colours has been a symbol of a new beginning after the terrible devastation of World War II. Now it reopened after a thorough renovation with respect for the contemporary architectural symbolism.


VILLUM FONDEN has support the renovation of the dormitory 4. Maj Kollegiet with 8.9 million DKK out of a total budget of 50 million DKK.

Colours beam again

Architect Hans Hansen, who was one of the major figures of functionalism in Denmark, designed the dormitory.

He is in particular known for his playful approach to colour and architecture. This is reflected in large measure on 4. May Kollegiet where all the walls were originally painted in vibrant colours and selected architectural parts added a graphical ornamentation out of the ordinary.

It is precisely the colours, which after the renovation make the heritage after Hans Hansen and the post-war era extra present - and beautiful. Bertelsen & Scheving Architects ApS led the renovation.

"The colours are one of the main references for the liberation of Denmark including the desire to create hope, joy and positive trends in society and particularly among the many young people who were traumatized by the war. Bold use of colours and a playful approach to the architectural profession is a distinctive feature of Hansen's work," it says in a press release about the renovation.


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