The Danish Nature Foundation has appointed its director

Flemming Nielsen, former Head of Department of the Danish Ministry of Environment, has been appointed director of The Danish Nature Foundation. With the appointment of Flemming Nielsen, The Danish Nature Foundation takes a major step towards realizing its aims of creating more and better nature in Denmark. Director Flemming Nielsen took office 1 July 2015.

The Chairman of the board of The Danish Nature Foundation, Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, is very satisfied about the appointment, “The board faced a very positive task of having to choose a director among 97 interesting applicants from all across the country. The candidates had very diverse professional backgrounds, many of them with a great interest for the foundation and a deep knowledge of the foundation´s field of work.”

By appointing Flemming Nielsen as director, The Danish Nature Foundation choose a director with a great overview and a long experience in working with environment and nature. In addition, he also has a solid management background and an extensive knowledge of the many organisations and stakeholders, who will be future partners. "I am looking forward to this cooperation and the opportunity for The Danish Nature Foundation to take the next step towards creating more space for nature in Denmark, for the benefit of all in the country.”

Flemming Nielsen is MSc in Forest and Nature Management, from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen. He has worked with environmental policy and nature management for 20 years and has a decade of management experience. He began his career as a research assistant at the Agricultural University in 1994 and later became Head of Section at Kronborg Forest District in North Zealand, the Danish Nature Agency. Subsequently, he worked as Executive Secretary and Head of Department in the Ministry of Environment. Recently, he was Secretary of the Commission on Nature and Agriculture and Head of Department of the Ministry of Environment.
“The Danish Nature Foundation is an exciting innovation that has great potential for improving and developing Danish nature and involving new participants in the environmental projects. I look forward to begin the work of composing the organisation, developing the first projects, raising awareness about the Foundation and initiating the cooperation with all the relevant partners and stakeholders,” says Flemming Nielsen.
The Danish Nature Foundation expect to advertise the first vacancies in the Secretariat shortly.

For more information:
Chairman of the Danish Nature Foundation Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, tel. +45 23382126, email:
Director of the Danish Nature Foundation Flemming Nielsen, tel. +45 24661362, email:
Facts about the Danish Nature Foundation:
In January 2015, The Danish Nature Foundation was founded as a public-private partnership. Over a period of four years (2015-2018) the foundation will raise a start-up capital of 875 m DKK. The state contributes with 500 m DKK, VILLUM FONDEN contributes with 250 m DKK and Aage V. Jensen Naturfond with 125 m DKK. The objective of the foundation is to create more and better nature in Denmark. A broad majority in the Danish Parliament has adopted the legal basis for the foundation. The foundation will continually work to find partners that will contribute to its projects.