A day of celebration kicked off the establishment of six new reefs

Large rocks on the seabed are rare in Denmark. Through time, large quantities of rocks have been collected from the sea for use in e.g. harbor buildings and piers.

Rocks, which lie on the seabed or in the bunker as reefs are called "sea oasis". They are vital habitats for many sea animals and plants that use the stones as hiding places and residence. Today there are only five percent rocks on the seabed compared to 200 years ago. Nevertheless, we are in the process of change, "says Andreas Hermann, principal of a nature school prior to the day.

The association Als Stenrev has received 10,4 million DKK from VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN to restore six new reefs. Five of them will be built by next year, but the establishment of a combined information and snorkel reef has already begun next to Sønderborg Castle.

You can see a film from the day's activities here.

On August 27, the first rock was laid in the sea, marking the beginning of a work that is a huge gift to the marine environment around us. “I look forward - not least on behalf of future generations," says Aase Nygaard, who is president of the Association Als Stenrev.

She and many other participants contributed to the positive development below sea level. After welcome speeches, the day offered a host of activities on the Flypaper that really lived up to its "swarming" name that day. The guests could come beneath the sea together with WWF's team "Discover the Sea" and the nature Schools. Snorkel equipment was ready for everyone to try.

On land, the visitors could hear about the project from the association Als Stenrev, Orbicon and DTU Aqua, all closely following and controlling the laying down of the many rocks. Furthermore, the visitors could see underwater films about the nature of belts, fjords and straits around Als, visit the Blue Flag Center Sønderborg, taste fish with nature guides and enjoy delicious soup from Det Sønderjyske Køkken.