Danish municipalities in an exciting cooperation with KVINFO and the Association New Danes

The overall goal of PIFT is to develop a mentor program for the group of girls and young women who experience dissatisfaction and challenges in their lives. The team behind PIFT hope in the long term  to spread the mentor work to reach even more young people in need of a mentor.

Five municipalities in Zealand are working together on a new project for young ”invisible" women - vulnerable girls and women aged 15-30 years. The project PIFT and is a mentor project and an offer to the young women. VELUX FONDEN supports the project.

Through PIFT we want to help the women realize their own wishes and possibilities in achieving a coherent social with an education and job possibilities. We will do this through voluntary mentorships. The women are offered a mentor program for 6 months. The focus will be on the needs of the young woman, which may involve support and assistance for both the social and academic aspects in their lives.

Initial feedback is positive, "I want to do something and not just sit at home”, says a young woman, 21, and another woman, 25 says, "I’ve been looking for such an offer for over 5 years, so I have needed a mentor for a long time".

A volunteer mentor can help to contribute to new perspectives in the young women's lives and provide support for the challenges they may face. The volunteer mentors can help renew the young women´s hope for the future and help pave the way for a new beginning in their lives.

Local cooperation is essential

Essential to the success of the project are the involved municipalities: Lejre, Roskilde, Taastrup, Furesø, Hillerød and Gribskov. Here the PIFT team work closely in cooperation with the municipalities and the mentors. PIFT recruit volunteer mentors in the community and the volunteers must to be a stable support in the lives of the young women. The mentor and the young woman meet for about 4 hours a month in their local area, which makes it more accessible for the young woman. 

"I am very happy to have a mentor as I have no other possibility of getting help. I hope you continue the mentor offers as it’s really good”, says a young woman, 23.