Coaching can benefit both students and the community

VELUX FONDEN has granted DKK 974,025 for the voluntary social organization Samtaleboblen. Over three years, the students at Søhusskolen in Odense will get help to promote their professional and social well-being and personal development. This can help to prepare the young people better for their encounter with the education system. The project is about supporting pupils in the 8th and 9th grade through coaching sessions and presentations in the classes based on the young people's general and specific challenges.

The goal is to prevent failure to thrive, aggravated life situation and later on possible dropout from the education system. An effort that will benefit both the young people and the society.

Samtaleboblen has many years of experience in coaching. Furthermore, they have a skilled and experienced team of volunteer coaches, who are used to meeting young people at eye level in a safe and confidential environment.

The organization has successfully run a pilot project at Sankt Hans Skolen in Odense since 2014.
In the project's new phase at Søhus Skole, the goal is to develop a concept and an evaluation method that can be widely implemented across schools in Denmark. Louise Virginia Hansen, MSc. from the University of Southern Denmark will join the project in order to develop optimal measurable data of the experience. Louise Virginia Hansen, Ungdomsskoleforeningen specializes in documentation of municipal youth schools in Denmark through statistics, evaluation and narratives.

The project will start in autumn 2016 and run until autumn to 2019.

"It is our experience that many of the problems that young people experience spring from their preschool years. This project allows us to take care of the young people from an early age through a preventative approach strengthening them both as students and as persons. Therefore, we are very pleased that VELUX FONDEN has agreed to support the development and implementation of the project", says Flemming Petersen, Samtaleboblen.


Samtaleboblen is a voluntary organization in Odense established in 2011. Samtaleboblen work to improve the quality of life and create a balance for youth and students through free coaching - both in relation to student life and on a personal level.

In 2013, the organization received The Enthusiasts Price of Odense Municipality. The award is given annually to a voluntary social organization that make a special effort for the socially disadvantaged and vulnerable in Odense.

For further information:

Flemming Petersen  +45 24 83 61 45