Children worry about divorce when their parents quarrel

Per Larsen, president for the National Council for Children is worried, "There is a need for an increased focus on the children and young people who quietly struggle with heavy thoughts about divorce. Parents must consider what it means for the children when they hear their parents quarrel. I would encourage other adults, such as teachers or educators, to talk to the child if they sense that something is wrong. "

A new nationwide study by the National Council for Children among 1,500 8th graders shows that parents' frequent and loud quarrels make young people fear divorce. The young people who fear divorce find lower satisfaction in life than other young people. VELUX FONDEN has supported the study.

Young people who fear that their parents are divorcing, score lower on several welfare parameters. They less often talk to anyone about their problems, worries or sorrows. In addition, 40 per cent of the young people who often think of divorce, always or sometimes feel lonely. The same applies to 21 per cent of the young people who rarely think of divorce.

The answers in the study show that most of the young people come from well-functioning families who are in a good mood every day. However 7 per cent of the young experience very poor or poor atmosphere at home. The mood come from to the young people's satisfaction in life; 43 percent of the young who daily experience a bad or very bad atmosphere at home express low satisfaction in life, while the same applies to 12 per cent of the young who feel that the atmosphere at home is very good or good.

Per Larsen, "There can be many reasons why the atmosphere at home is bad. Some parents might feel that everyday life is a pressure. At the same time, we must appeal to our politicians once again to take responsibility for creating better conditions for families with children in Denmark. It would give parents the time they need to create a safe environment for their children".

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