Children wish to be heard in their parents´ divorce case

According to a new study by the National Council for Children, children wish to be involved and have their say when their parents are divorcing. The study was made among children who have been in a meeting with the State Administration. Furthermore, the children ask for better information on what to do and what will happen, when they come to the State Administration.

To get a perspective on how the meeting with the State Administration looks like from a child’s perspective, the Council for Children with support from the VELUX Foundation have conducted a survey among 41 children. This study showed how the children experience the system offered by the state to decide their case.

The study shows that the majority of the children are happy to come to the State Administration. Most feel well treated, and most of the children find it a relief to be allowed to have their say about their parents' divorce and the decisions concerning themselves. The positive feedback from the children pleases the president of The National Council for Children, Per Larsen:
"The study strongly emphasizes that the children wish to be heard and involved - even if it may be difficult for them. We see that the State Administration manage the task well within the framework they have. However, we can also see that there is a need for and room for much more involvement. Therefore, we just have to learn from the experiences".

Besides more involvement, the children point to other areas where there is room for improvement. They call for, among other things, a more child-friendly physical environment. Especially the children that are going to the children's interview call for better information on why they are going to the meeting, what will happen of how the Administration will use information from the interview.

 "We need to listen to the children when they say that they feel unprepared and confused about the purpose of the interview, and that it makes them unnecessarily insecure. We therefore believe that it is essential for the children's well-being that they are offered a minimum of three interviews. Before every interview, the child will be given sufficient time for preparation, time to complete the interview and time to follow up on the conversation and receive feedback about the development. We are aware, that State Administration need additional resources. Therefore, we recommend that the resources are found for the State Administration to lift the work of children's involvement”, says Per Larsen.

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