Bees are thriving on Langeland

29 August 2018

Senior citizens are behind an exhibition about the important role of bees

It began with the idea of spreading knowledge about beekeeping to inspire more people to become beekeepers.

Langelands Beekeeper Association applied for funding from VELUX FONDEN's grant area for 'Active senior citizens' to purchase materials for setting up an exhibition about bees. The exhibition disseminates the importance of the bees for crops and wild fauna, through posters, videos and lectures. The exhibition is in an enclosed pavilion (funded by other foundations and companies). The admission for the exhibition is free and the association has been promised that Tranekær Gods will house the bright wooden pavilion for several years.

Although younger people join the beekeeping association, most of the volunteers are elderly who make a considerable effort to disseminate the message about the greatness of bees. Furthermore, the decoration of the new visitor farm in Tranekær has been done by elderly. The visitor farm opened in May.

Click here and read more about how active senior citizens can apply for funding from VELUX FONDEN

The importance of good photos

The Beekeepers Association needed good photos for the exhibition and therefore formed a partnership with the photo club Fotolangeland, that were interested in helping. They applied VELUX FONDEN for funding of additional equipment to ensure high quality photos. Most of the photographers were elderly citizens, i.e. 60+ and no longer working.

“We now have 1,000 high quality images available, which gives us plenty of material for even more activities – e.g. visits to classes and youth organisations, or travelling exhibitions at the library and in the town hall,” says Vice President of Langelands Beekeeping Association, Svend Aage Sørensen.

If you have any questions about VELUX FONDEN's funding for active senior citizens, please contact:

Frank Ulmer Jørgensen
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 81 35