An afternoon workshop on senior citizens and medication

A diverse group of researchers - from doctors and pharmacists to ethnologists – met at a workshop to share knowledge on 'Senior Citizens and Medication'.

A large group of senior citizens is given to much medicine and sometimes the wrong one. Since 2015, VELUX FONDEN has supported nine research projects that investigate different approaches to the problem. This is to help secure research results and knowledge in the field as well as to avoid inappropriate medication use among the elderly.

The 20 participants presented their projects, and although the research processes were at different stages it made sense to share good and bad experiences.

Fulfilling to learn about progress, experiences and challenges

Senior Chief Physician, Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Aalborg University Hospital, Birgitte Klindt Poulsen, is a member of VELUX FONDEN's professional assessment jury. The jury qualifies and assesses applications for research in 'Senior Citizens and Medication'.

“It is exciting to check the status of the projects, which we have otherwise only seen initial descriptions of and read about.

The projects have now all developed from grants to active projects involving real people. It's great to have the opportunity to experience them live today.

Some projects have only just been initiated, while others are well underway with data collection, and perhaps even partial results. Regardless of their progress, it is exciting to discuss methods, experiences and challenges with the workshop participants. 

I am particularly concerned with whether the projects lead to results that will make sense to the patient. Will we learn more about the subscription of the medicine, and will we gain more knowledge about this fairly uncharted research field?” says Birgitte Klindt Poulsen.

If you have any questions regarding the research area 'Senior Citizens and Medication', please contact us: 

Lise Bonnevie
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+45 23 81 56 54